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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things NOT to DO and things to LOVE!

I saw fireflies last evening while I was outside planting my front tub flowers and tall purple fountain grass. Last year’s grass has not come back up and the pots were looking bad. I also trimmed the bushes a little till I got the electric cord cut by the saw blades. Not a good thing to do! Well, I got the job mostly done! I have only done this one other time in my whole life as my husband always does the things like that. I also cut the grass a few times now with the lawnmower but we still need to hire someone. But, I try!

Another thing not to try!
Do NOT stand on the roller hand truck dolly as you put your garden soil on it to move a distance to the back yard, it will BEAM you on your head right between your eyes!
And a Hard hit too! I now have a very swollen right eye that I can barely see from today.
I am very grateful it did not break my glasses.

Another thing NOT to try is,
Do not try to push the garbage dumpster with the lid down as when you walk you stand on the lid and before you know it you are down flat on your knees, Like I DID! And that also hurt! I also have scrapped up knees.

I am a bad work in progress when it comes to machinery! I have just never been one to make it go without hurting myself. I tried to take a photo of my eye but not a good one. I am not a photographer but I do try and sometimes it works out. I uploaded many photos from the Texas Spring Antique Week Marburger Farm Event to my flicker page and they turned out ok, well GOOD, for most of them. Marburger Farm is one huge venue and I went by myself as many of the vendors are inside tents. I especially wanted to see Magnolia Pearl, I adore here bags and clothing although is it quite pricey, it is all hand-dyed by her and her entourage along with being hand-stitched, every stitch! Oh, and it feels so good to touch, so soft and luxurious! It is quite a treat for myself. I also met Magnolia Pearl (Robin and her husband Johnny Brown) I waited in their tent while they were at lunch. There tent was a wonderful place to sit and get off my feet. Oh, My feet! It is always, Oh My Feet! You must go see her website, Magnolia Pearl. It is fabulous and you will SMILE!

On many of my photos of the Texas Spring Event you will find I copyright them as much is other people’s designs and displays.

Have a fabulous day!
Smiles, Cyndi


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Girl, you are a MESS! And I thought I was a klutz!!! LOL...put a cold cloth on that eye! And one on the scraped knees! It's lucky you didn't get a bad SHOCK from cutting that power cord! At least you had a nice time at the fair!

Dani said...

Take it'll probably look like you've been in a fight...its happened to me too once when I fell during a walk.
The fair looks so fun....we have nothing like that least nothing I know about......I really enjoyed the photos...

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh DO please remember to wear safety glasses, they are a wardrobe essential! I have a fair number of bruises, scrapes, etc. from farming and consider it badges of honor -smile-.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Girl, sounds like you are an accident waiting to happen!!!!! PLEASE stay put for a while and stay out of trouble's way! I must confess, I had to smile a bit! I know all about those aching feet!!!!! Cora

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for your comments, My eye is still healing and just has a small overhand on my eye. At least I feel like I can see out of it again.

I appreciate your reading and your leaving your comments very much!
Smiles, Cyndi