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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day is so special for us

Please remember Memorial Day for the real meaning today, include the military in your prayers because they are the reason you are able to have a cookout with friends or go to the beach or to your cemetery today.

I got a little charcoal grill like we used in “Daisy, my little RV” in Texas just because! I was sitting on my backyard porch the other day and just wishing I could have that charcoal smell again, not the gas grill that is over and done before we know it. I love to light the grill and I am pretty good at building the charcoal mound and love to sit and wait for it to be ready while enjoying the outdoors. I plan to just cook some hot dogs if the rain breaks today. We have no plans with any friends anymore like the young days. My husband has to work anyway. Never take for granite that your might have a paid 3-day weekend, it can always come back to bite you and many folks like your police and fire officials work today to keep you safe. My husband used to be in Information Technology and we lived a lot better as we took a lot for granted. But, the world does not revolve around Monday through Friday jobs and it should be recognized for that more.

But we don't mind now, we could not afford to go do the things we use to anyway.
After 911 we learned a lot about what is important, and that is " Today". Enjoy today!

Stay at home and enjoy your space. As I am always talking about, I am still trying to make more space with the same square footage we had in 2003 when we moved to our garden home from living in an RV. But, I am a collector and I guess it is hard to shake that off.

I was going through some books and magazines I have bought through the thrift store, estate sales, and even auctions. I am drawn to books and want to take the time to read every one I have. I know that will be impossible but I LOVE to have them around me. They are inspiring to me! History, Biography's, Travel, Westerns, Romance, Decorating, I even have a few cooking books too!

But, the BIG news is that Saturday Morning we went to “ Tears Animal Rescue: to collect the cat (we) ~ (I), No, both of us, wanted to adopt. Emma has been so fine a dog and we were so lucky to have found her through "The Chilton County Humane Society."
She needs a playmate and we probably should get another dog, but I have missed my black cat " Kahlua" every since the day I lost him. We also have had several other cats, Midnight, Muffy, and Carmichael, but Kahlua was so special to me, we had that relationship that is so special when you bond with a cat. Many people never get it and so don’t like cats, but it is there if you look.

Well, after visiting the cathouse and having 80 cats trying to get our love and attention we choose two. It was hard to leave with just one! So we got a grey (the headmistress called it blue) and a black cat. They both came to us and loved and purred in our arms. Many others also came and wanted love also, I wish I had a huge house, as they WILL stay inside, Well, I think and promised they will!

The gray and black cat rode home in the same crate as I only brought one but it was a very large crate I got at the Thrift store, if fact I got two that day, just because I also saw another. Maybe it was telling me something! Oh, by the way, their names were " Winky and Panther", not really the names I would choose, but that is what she was calling them by, if fact she knew every cat in there by name and was fantastic with them.

They rode home very quietly laying next to each other just fine. They had opened at 11AM and no one was there when we arrived so we called the number on the gate and she called back to say she had gone to the bank to come back by and it would be opened by a groundskeeper. We did and it was! We took awhile looking at the many cats there and my dear husband had to be at work by 2:15PM so we were a little close getting home and he barely had time to get dressed and get there, He is a police dispatcher and we kid, " He tells the Police where to go"!

Well, Winky came right out of the crate when we got in the house and Panther stayed hidden in the back of the crate. I think he was a little frightened by Emma greeting them in the car or maybe he was just frightened at what was happening. I know this story is getting long but I have a place I am going to.

I got the other crate and opened it in the house so two would be available if they wanted more privacy. Winky and Emma walked around and Winky showed Emma her place a few times. Luckily we had the head mistress clip both of their claws and we both had scratches all over our arms and my husband really had a lot by a cat (Harley) that lay on his shoulders wrapped around his head. I treated them with alcohol wipes when he got dressed and OUCH, that hurt so we were glad we had requested she trim them.

Anyway, Panther stayed in the crate for quite a few hours. My Grandog" Barkley" came over for an unexpected visit, so I put Winky in the other crate and closed both doors for when he came in. He flies in the front door and out the back door ALWAYS! He has to go check out the backyard.

When they came back in he and Emma played and checked out the crates. I finally opened the crate Winky was in as he was meowing to get out, so I also opened the crate Panther was in also but he stayed put in the back of the crate. After an hour or so, I put him in the ABO triangle Condo with bell to at least see what was happening and still be safe.

When my daughter came to get Barkley later that evening she saw Winky but did not disturb Panther till he was ready. It is a big triangle with a bell to ring and Panther laid in it peeking out with his big gold eyes and could see the happenings in the room and I thought maybe he would get more comfortable and relax. I could see his eyes from the sofa and he was watching all going on with Barkley, Emma, and Winky. They were all really getting along well, even nose to nose now and then. I was so proud of both dogs but after all, they are both Golden Retrievers and we know their personalities are open to all new friends.

I wanted to crate them both for the night but decided they would be ok and maybe feel better if they were not confined since they were not at the cathouse. They had free roam of an open trailer so not in cages or crates and confined. I always keep my other two bedrooms closed off so they don’t get dog hair and entry to them. My Messy rooms!

Well, we told both goodnight and Winky had followed us to the bedroom after I put him by his food in one of the crates. I got up around 4AM to go to the bathroom and saw neither one. I got up later in the morning and made the coffee thinking they would appear soon. Well, I waited and waited, no cats anywhere. I started to panic and hated myself for not crating them both when I went to bed. I went around the house softly calling to them as both Bob and Emma were sleeping. Emma sleeps in our bed or on the bathroom floor.

All was fine, but still no cats appeared. Finally I got the flashlight and started lurking around. I finally found them under the bed up by the headboard and wall under where I had been sleeping. The flashlight woke Winky and he followed me back to the living area. Panther stayed there under the bed. Ok!

Winky has been so loving and so good with Emma, well Emma is fine too. She is being very nice and I have curbed her barking at Winky (I now call him Blu, as we called them Black and Blue). Now, I am saying, Go get your brother and wake and up. I finally went back in with the flashlight when Bob got up and No Black, Panther, Brother! Where is he gone too? Ok, he got up and wandered to a closet or something. We looked everywhere. Ok, he will come out when he is ready.

Well, we panicked all day that we did not find him. Kahlua used to hide and we could walk right by him and he never let us know so we pray that is what is happening now. Pray, yes, I am very concerned. I want him out and about or at least where I can see him. We don't know his background or how he had been hurt before his rescue.

Folks are telling us stories of how their cats do this also but I want to see him. NOW!

Come out Brother, Panther, Black cat. Please come out wherever you are.

1 comment:

Dani said...

hope you found him....our second cat was lost in the house for almost a day...we couldn't find him anywhere just a few days after he was home.....finally, I opened a lower cabinet in the kitchen, and there in the back of it, he was.....behind all the canned goods too!it takes some cats time to get adjusted...