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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Black and Blue

I have finally got some pictures of Black and Blu for lack of better names. I had to have a name when I took them to the vet for some shots and check-up so that is what they were. I liked Blu without the "e", I guess just to be a little different. His last photos is not very good, he had eye goo and a wierd look on his face. ( grins) After seeing him with Black, I wanted to call him " Little Boy Blu" he is so tiny compared to Black. Maybe I can get them together when Black is out and about soon, I hope!

And after we finally found Black kitty after looking for him 5 days, we were afraid he had got outside although we could not figure out how, But he did not make a peep that we could heard until the fifth day with us and a little squeak came from the hallway. I found him under the armoire as in the photo; he had his head popped out. But, I could not get him to come out with Emma around.

Now, Blu took to Emma right from the get go, he just lets Emma lick on him and loves to be around us. He is the best kitty one could ask for. Now, he is using my bathroom sick for his stools but ok for now as I can monitor them. Some of good and firm and some are oey-goey and vet said from stress of changes in their lives. They evidently are becoming friends too, which I wanted two so they could play together and be close.

I am now finding Blu under the bed with Black (his new hidey-hole) lying together or maybe Blu had had enough of Emma to and that is their get-away. I like it because I can find them and talk them out. I could not believe this AM when I was still in bed with Bob, Emma, Blu and Black crawled up when I returned from the bathroom. He actually got in bed with us and let Emma lick him. WOW, maybe change is coming! I sure do hope so.

I don’t like him being afraid of her, but I understand. He is a tiny kitty and she is big over-looming presence and if he was hurt and remembers that, I would be afraid too.

Oh, by the way, Black has an eye injury that is chronic, our vet, Dr. Day said yesterday when he saw Black. His white in his eye is full of broken red blood vessels, which indicates an old injury that nothing can repair. Maybe that is why he was at TEARS in the first place as they help injured animals.

Oh, some distressing news is that Dr. Day will be retiring at the end of next week. He has been our vet for around 20 years except for the trauma injuries with Megan and Jordan at the end of their lives. Dr. Day is a little country Doctor in Montevallo, AL just south of us, maybe 20 miles or so. He takes no appointments and his charges are amazing. My bills with Black and Blue were $11.00 each for rabies shot except that I bought a breakaway collar for Black for $7.00 and so his was $18.00. I need to add a bell to it, Blu’s blue collar came with one, BUT it has dragonflies on a purple collar. I had to get it!

I am very glad he was NOT roaming the neighborhood but I drove around and asked everyone I saw for three days trying to find him and had put a flyer up for Lost Cat.
There must be another Lost Black Cat around as I had many folks say they had seen him .... Well, I home he also is home soon.

Smiles, Cyndi


Dani said...

nice to see the photos...cats take time, especially older ones to a new home..sounds like they are slowly adjusting....our Bandit took about a month or first, you couldn't pet her as she'd try to nip you but now she loves to be petted...and she is very friendly...she wasn't when we brought her home.....
that's weird about your cat using the sink....the black cat that my son has, if the litter box isn't too his liking, he uses the sink too...I guess it could be worse....

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

So glad he finally came out! He must have gotten really lonely!!!! I know all about the eye thing with the gook!!! I became an expert in putting the terimycin stuff in those eyes.

I was shocked at the vet bills and how much they have skyrocketed lately. Be ready when you go!!!!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I am late to the story of these two poor souls you have taken in...but bless yer heart for doing so...I have rescued so many many cats (and some dogs) over the past 30 years...what sweeties Black and Blu look like...they will settle in more, I am does take of my permanent rescues I have now, Lootie, 20+ pounds, lives in our linen closet for the past 6 years and emerges only at night to go sit outside and look through a hole in the fence, but amazingly, he is venturing out now in the day sometimes, and wants to get a pet or two before scuttling back into the of my new rescues, Hadji, is very small, under 5 pounds, kind of like Blu I think, just undersized when compared to other cats, the smallest our vet has seen.

Sorry your vet is retiring...great vets are treasures, aren't they?

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Cute critters... I love your travel trailer! I want one!!

vickysplace1 said...

You have the cutest kitten! I love animals. I own 2 Boston bull terriers, I love them like my husband?
Thank you for visiting my blog. I had fun doing crown day.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

We have so many foundlings, we should apply for non-profit status! -smile-
Yours look beautiful; glad they have such a great home.