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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reuse cloche dome light fixture displays

I started out yesterday looking at Sue Whitney’s Junk Market Style newsletter and found myself staying and looking at all the links. I love Sue and her recycle reuse ideas since I net her in Texas as Marbuger Farm Tent at the Spring Antique Week Event. I got both of her books out at the time, one for Inside and One for Outside Decorating using found objects. Both are incredible books!

I lingered to see another display shown by Lanette Lorsung, a contributing editor who showed several displays of her cloches “ One of My Top Ten – Cloches!

Well, I found myself wanting to show some items I have collected for making these kinds of displays also and next thing I know I am in my hallways cleaning off my wicker cabinet I sometimes use for my photos for my selling sites. I love to collect and recycle vintage lamp globes and fixtures, along with collecting coffee maker top glass globes, natural collections of acorns, moss limbs, the new round moss I found in Texas, and I found the cutest little collection of ceramic shoes at an estate sale last weekend. While In Texas I also got the tiny pewter chairs shown under a cheese dome and a fairy like Christmas scene in a dome I adore with a dragonfly ornament I had found. So, this is a little of what I have been up to this week.

Well, I just rechecked my post and the slide show also includes many photos of my Tiny 1966 Shasta Teardrop Vintage trailer and some Texas photographs I have on my flicker as well.

Smiles, Cyndi


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a lovely slide show! I am crazy over those tiny ceramic shoes and you have them displayed so cute! Have you thought about joining that Vintage Thingie Thursday roundup that a lot of bloggers do? Your fabulous redos and finds would fit right in.

Dani said...

Great slide show...I could kick myself...I found a small old cheese dome at an abandoned home and didn't take it home...just like the one with your shoes....well, live and learn...I'll be on the lookout from now on and will check out the link...

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Dame and Dani,

I think we both follow the same circles, don't we?

I will check out the Vintage Thursday roundup! Thanks for showing it to me. My husband's off day is Thursday and I got behind in my Everyday Kindness post's and maybe I was in a vintage post day once? I can't remember, but I got behind with his off day. I would like to get in the Friday Flea Market, I just need more time, EVERYDAY!
I could sit here and read blogs all day if I don't stop myself.

And Dani, Go ahead and take that next left behind item, if they don't want it and you do, then who cares? I would try and kept it form the dump somehow! That is why I have so much STUFF! LOL!

I had not intended to make it into a cloche until the idea of anything to cover something came into my head. ANd, then I remember the tiny shoes, they ARE darling, the lady I got them form was SO nice at her estate sale. I got many tiny zip lock bags of ceramic items from her. I will get the photos up.

Smiles, Cyndi