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Friday, March 6, 2009

More Dog news and loving thoughts, etc.

Well, I started off and wrote three paragraphs and left the site to find a spelling and lost everything. I thought I had a saved draft. It is always so hard to re-create all of it with the same feeling the second time but here goes.

I was talking about my Glad Tiding Sisters and how I am so touched my their generosity to me and I can even have sisters now. I consider all of them my special sisters,(I have 4 brothers really). Okey, most of them make primative art treasures like aprons, dolls, vintage necklaces and Cora makes Quilted Hearts, alot of them! She does very well selling them on ebay as some of the others also, Some sell on etsy shoppes too, so see my link list on the left side of this page for their blogs and selling sites. Well, since so many Primative artist's use the plant "Sweet Annie" with the crafts, I wondered where I could find some. I had not heard of it growing around here and Bless her Heart, Cora found me some seeds on ebay. Cora has a plateful right now as she is taking radiation for her Breast Cancer and we all say special prayers for her recovery with less sickness than with the chemo, I hope! She blogs when she can and Hidden Riches, Secret Places and has a natural writing gift. She is one of the only people I know who shares their story of how it is to go through this. She also has a talent for infusing humor in her writing so I always look forward to her posts. These ladies are all so very special to me.

Well, I bought it ASAP and also got some moonflower seeds too as I had also been looking for them.

This weekend is so pretty outside I should be getting my garden beds ready for planting, If fact, when out this week, I saw several farmers on their tractors plowing their garden sites. It won't be long. But, I will wait till next month to do any planting. We are taking my little ol' Shasta Teardrop Trailer "Daisy" to Texas for her first outing to the Spring Antique Week with the Junk Gypsies is the main reason I want to go. The Junk Gypsies are a special group of ladies who wear cowboy boots and crinoline skirts, alittle craziness makes the world go round, right!
I love my time spent at the Black Top Rambler cafe in my booth with my friends and I will get to meet many of them as the Junk Sisters host a Prom during the event. I even found a crinoline slip and neat purple lace scarf I will wear around my hips like the girl I dream of in the last photo on the left on their site. Hers is leather but we do what we can. I also love the girl riding the bike with many boots for sale. What fun this will be! I have met many of them on MySpace too who have spaces there. Magnolia Pearl is another vender I can't wait to meet. Oh, so exciting!

I really need to bring Daisy home form the monthly site she says at to paint the bathroom "purple". I want it to make a statement and yes it has a door that closes and I can stand up in it. Still with two people and two big dogs I know we wil be crowded Myabe I shoul also get a tent from my Dog crate supplier, They have fabulous easy up and down things needed for travel. While at it I might get a canopy for the picnic table. All of this will last forever as we travel and use Daisy alot I hope!

We do have another HUGE Deal to have to go through again this spring. My Golden Retriever, Jordan , who is my very best friend in the world has been DX with tumors in is lungs this week. This breaks my heart as our female last spring passed of hermangiosarcoma which is a cancer and it has already spread to his lungs. I had the vet pull the x-rays from last spring when he was in the ER with bloody stools, and they were NOT there then. If this is the same cancer Megan had it can only be DX with a ultrasound and that is what is recommended for all dogs periodically to detect early. We discussed doing one and I just am not feeling well about it. It is NOT invasive but they shave all the georgeous hair on the belly and Jordan is very tempermental anyway. He gets so disturbed when at the vet and anxious, so to only find out the correct DX and maybe how long we have, I don't feel is worth it, The outcome will be the same no matter.

We deceided to help make him more comfortable with massive dose of Predisone, to help him have more energy and maybe slow down the horrible hacking cough, like he can't throw up with the dry heaves. The x-ray even showed his trachia has a bend up in it, not normal. I know as they get older we are going to lose them. I am just not ready too, as I guess I never will be ready. It makes me hesitant to go on the Texas trip as I am afraid something will happen on the trip. Last year Megan got sick while we were in North Carolina dog-sitting and went downhill immediately after have a wonderful day playing in the river and with Abby and Maggie the dogs we dog-sit.
Well, I just have to go one day by day and love him with all my heart alittle extra and spend more time off the computer with him. He loves to sit on the sofa with me just touching. So we will! Emma, the new puppy has pretty much taken over his pillow
in our bed and he sleeps more at the end of the bed, but I try to keep in touch with my feet to touch him.
Oh, I love him so!


Dani said...

what happened???

Dani said...

so sorry about Jordan..hope he can stay comfortable for a long time. Your trip sounds like such fun!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

You are ever so right, there is just no right time when we have to say goodby to our most devoted and loving friends.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx

Paula said...


I am so sorry to hear about Jordan! I know exactly what you are going through. We lost our 10 year old terrier a couple of years ago to cancer. We didn't know about it until it was too late. I was devastated. I'll be thinking of you and keeping you and sweet Jordan in my prayers.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh My Dear - Jordan is in my prayers as are you. It's SO difficult to say good-bye even though I believe we'll all be united in heaven...people, dogs, cats, sheep, horses, etc.
About your Daisy - LUV that trailer! That's my find an old, although I hear they are now called vintage -smile, trailer. Please blog about Daisy!
Stay strong, stay in prayer.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I really appreciate all the generous thoughts and prayers from all of you. I told him he has many people praying for him.

Smiles, cyndi

Summer Gypsy said...

My fur babies and I will keep Jordan in our prayers. I love my fur babies, so...4 of them ....2 dogs and 2 cats. I know what you mean about facing the inevitable someday...but it is heartbreaking. Know that I am thinking about you and Jordan! Give him a big hug for me!
Many, many hugs,