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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


I am just overwhelmed by the comments on the post below about my dog, Jordan! He is my best friend and I savor every day I will have left with him. He is doing ok I believe.

We started him on a high does of Prednisone and the coughing is not as hard as it was. The main thing now is his hard breathing. He pants a lot more than usual, but he does not seem in pain or distress. So, I am THANKFUL for that!

We have been watching the bluebirds out our back window this morning. They are flying all over our back yard and keep flying up under our covered porch and up on the window ledge looking in. I wonder what he is thinking. He also goes back and forth to the birdhouses. Maybe mama bird in on her nest and he is protecting the yard? When we got up and late this morning we had a yard full of the blackbirds that come now and then. They always scar away all the regular birds that come feed. We even have a pine siskin that our Sunday Paper said comes to the east coast one year and the west coast the next year. This is kind of strange. I had already looked him up in our bird book for identification. I will try and get a photo.

Another post I meant to do yesterday and time got away from me. I posted in the Birmingham newspaper a response to a lady who had old greeting cards she wondered if anyone wanted. Well, the response has been enormous, I have had 5 calls from people who wanted to share these with me to use in my altered art. I am just overwhelmed.

I also painted the bathroom in Daisy Purple yesterday. It is a very small room back in the teardrop tail of the trailer so I call it my hobbit room. It does have a door and port-a-potty in it. Many of the teardrops are so small they don’t have one, so I am blessed! The previous owners had put a three-tier shelf in that fits perfectly. I did not paint it yet; I may just leave it white as it came. But, I do plan to really do that little room up in style. I don’t know yet, the first goal was to get it painted. Now, what to do next? I saw where the magazine Mary Jane’s Farm will show trailers from the group” Sisters on the Fly” next issue. I have not joined that group as it is very expensive dues and most of the activities are on the west coast, a really long way for me to go. I did get some ideas though form a couple of trips they have planned close to me, but I would have to join to go with them. Maybe I will just go by myself as they did pick great places, fireflies in Gatlinberg, TN and North Alabama, in Valley Head, Sequoyah Caverns on Lookout Mountain. They have picked two fabulous places to go camping!

I wish you a fabulous day, I just turned the air conditioner on here in Alabama, It is in the low 80's today.
Smiles, cyndi

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