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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Valentine Goodies

Did you go to After Valentine Sales?

Come on; admit it, we go for the half price candy, especially the beautiful boxed chocolates. While at Wal-Mart early on Sunday morning, I did find myself in the candy isle and got more than just the boxed chocolates. I got the bag sets of Reese’s, Hershey’s milk and dark chocolates. Pink and White M&M’s, Bag of Cherry Tootsie Roll Pops with the Oh So good CHEWY center, (My Favorite), and Heart Shaped Reese Package!

Then I was in the craft isle (of course, and found the Cookie, Cake, or Cupcake Sprinkle Toppings, Heart Shape Glove Mitts, I had found these earlier and sent two of them to Missouri to my Mother and Brother along with a Handmade ACEO Cards for both of them as Valentine Presents instead of flowers (too expensive??) I thought the lips cookie cutter could have more uses than just to cut cookies, maybe a craft set of lips? or I will figure out something. Many times I go crazy at sale and I will think what to do with it later.

I got several so maybe a can sell to others who did not see them on sale.
~ Maybe I can shop when you can’t! ~ My Motto!
I hope so, if not I will think of something.

Oh, and the Jelly Beans, the red and pink hearts! Well, my dear husband took some to work to munch and when he bit one, his tooth cap came off. Opps! Well, at least it did not hurt like an open nerve thing, so he stopped at the pharmacy on his way home and got some tooth glue for it. It worked fine. So, a couple of days later, he took them again and guess what? Yep, it happened again, Tooth Cap off again! SO, no more jelly beans for him and they are way to sweet for me to even consider, so they will make their way to my daughter’s house.

As for Valentines Day, she had done the same thing and brought us a BIG bag full of Boxed Chocolates. She also found the Hershey’s Carmel Popcorn drizzled with chocolate and I declare, THAT was the BEST! Oh, it was good! I gave her two heart cooking mitts also, with some extra candy I had got. Oh, we will all be so fat!

I later was at another store and found the window clings and play doh. Now when my daughter was small I would have had her a valentine box with these and I always hung the cards we had received in previous years from my Mother, Grandmother, Aunt and Brothers along the split level staircase and windows. We decorated for every holiday just like Christmas. That was one thing I remember doing as she was growing up. We moved almost 700 miles away from my family when she was just Two Years old. It was a job thing with my husband and working for the Missouri Pacific Railroad at the time. He wanted to be an engineer so bad and see the countryside but they said he was better working in the office tracking all the train cars. This was before computers in 1970 when we moved to Alabama from Missouri where we grew up together. We met in high school and married in 1965, so I have now been married longer than I was single. We still love to be together and doing things although we don’t go like we used to. Health issues really can put the brakes on going here and there, also the economy $$, things are just too expensive. But everybody is going through that. We lost everything we had in 2001 after 911 and he lost his job we had just moved to Seattle for so we had to auction everything we owned that would not fit in a RV. With the two Golden Retrievers dogs and not knowing where the next job would be, it was just the thing to do. We would just start over with material things and do it again, an adventure, we loved adventures. We had always had a pastime hobbies ~ jeeps, boats, (Runabout, sailboat, seadoo) vacation trips, hiking, camping, lots of friends planned weekend events we attended for so many years and we have so many fabulous memories of places we have seen and the friendships we have experienced. I have a bookcase full of photograph books. I need to go through them and scan them into this computer for the time before digital photos. I even used to get 2-3 copies of the good photos to share with My Family or the friends we were with when we were doing whatever. Oh, Memory Lane!

This memory lane kind of started when I saw a post in our newspaper that a lady had many greeting cards to give to someone. Oh, I lost a wicker basket full I suppose in our 911 auction so I responded to her writing to the newspaper. Well, it was published this week and I have been overwhelmed with the kindness of many ladies who have called me with greeting cards. I have always had a love affair with greeting cards and souvenir products. I even worked with Recycled Paper Products in the late 1990’s as a service merchandiser. I had a sales girl that ordered the cards for party stores mainly and I serviced the re-orders on an as needed basis. Some needed weekly visits and some monthly. I loved it.

Well, this has turned into a novel and I have enjoyed the memories. I hope I have not bored you or I suppose you could just move on to your next blog post elsewhere, I visited several this Morning and got several ideas to get working with. I did see that my friend Cora, my sister with Glad Tidings, is having her radiation now for 6 weeks and ales a heating treatment along with it (I forgot the treatment name.) I will get it next visit to her blog, Hidden Riches, Secret Places! She blogs about her cancer and she is a treasure to me as I have never been close to someone who has experienced this. She is very comical and has a true writing talent. I think she should write a book. Even before her cancer she wrote beautiful poetry and life lessons to us. She has the TALENT!
Also my other Glad Tidings sister friend, Lea of Farmhouse Blessings has the best ever news Friday that her oldest son, Jase, does NOT have a life threatening heart illness. Oh relief, He can be monitored with some diet and lifestyle changes and LEA will manage it perfectly. Also Jase is a teenager and he will do what it takes to be ok. He was having fainting spells when his blood sugar or something got low. It can be ok again. Oh, Life is Good.

My on-line family is so important to me. I am so thankful for the friends here, I even traveled to be with a friend I had never met when she had neck surgery and her husband had to travel. I did it because she needed help lifting things, even letting her dog inside and outside. I took Jordan, my oldest dog with me and we had a good week with her. We had a lot to talk about and then I went to see my Mom in Missouri, as I was halfway there, I love to drive up Hwy 65 North and off the major highways. We stopped to stretch a lot, as my neuropathy is a problem sitting and then standing also. We just took our time. I loved stopping more than when traveling with my husband. I met many fine folks in the Ozarks where I grew up. I am a talker and will talk to a door, so I chatted with all the store folks where we browsed. Oh well, I am going too far so I will say goodbye for now, I need to go make a bowl of beef stew my husband made this week. It is yummy!

Also “Finding Neverland” just came on TV on the Oxygen channel and I had set to record it. In the first 15 minutes there is a scene with carnival or circus characters while they dance outside in a park. What fabulous scenery. I think I will mention to Lisa Kettell who is having a carnival Soiree in April on her blog. Everyone is invited and prizes will be awarded. Lisa is a fabulous artist and is now teaching classes and having her books published. So, now do find you best carnival costume, finest tiaras or party hat, and RSVP to her on her bog. The article is under this blog post. Reservations are necessary!
Smiles, Cyndi


Dani said...

I love reading your post this evening...and your memories are just precious....God bless!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I really enjoyed reading what you wrote. In fact, I wish you would write more about your life. Talk about making a good book! If you don't write those memories, they will be lost! You've experienced many things, some very dramatic, and I would love to read more about them.

Shellmo said...

I wish I had thought to hit some Valentine sales! My mouth is now watering for that chocolate drizzled popcorn you mentioned! Yum!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I thank you for xommenting on my blog and photos and YEs, we STILL have alot of Valentine around to share with anyone you comes around. The popcorn is gone, but, I will be on the lookout for some more maybe from a on-line vendor.

Yes, I did write a book I think and I can do that when I need ot get things off my chest to just let it go. I used to do that with my medical problems before I got a DX of Sympathetic System Neuropathy. I have learned I have to live with it so, I don't write in journals so much anymore. I have maybe 8 paper filled journals and I don;t even want to look at them, too painful, but I hate to thras them yet.
Wnayway, thanks for your nice comments! I appreciate them.