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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breast Boobs Knockers Covers for Cancer Vote

When I visited my sisters on our eBay group this morning, Cora had posted about a blogger who had posted to her blog about these and I found them to be AWESOME! AS one who still has her breasts, I know I am very lucky but look at these and if you can knit, Hurray! I am still trying to learn from my Mother's teachings( but it would help if I took the time to sit down and try to do it. SO far, I have only knitted a few rows of a washcloth. And I love it!

Please visit these blogs for more information. Cora also has a beautiful video for the election taking place today. Just some thoughts to help you be proud to live here.

I was still in bed when I heard our new clock chime 7AM and I said "the polls are open" to my husband. Then our phone rang and it was our daughter saying she was in line with 500 other people. WOW, Great! She also said they had just come out and got everyone into a line beginning with their last names and maybe that will go faster now. We differ on who we are voting for so I guess we will cancel each other out but we both have to vote who we believe in. Maybe others will make the difference with us today, I hope!

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