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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Simple Kind Tuesdays

I am a day late as I have been getting ready to go to a wedding next week and I am always behind it seems, so I am catching up on emails I have missed daily.

I was looking for an address to mail some Alabama postcards to an elementary classroon as they learn Geography and I will still get it done tonight but I wanted to catch up Wednesday on what I missed on Tuesday, (I have been reminded on the "Everyday Kindness" meme that started a year ago by Claudia that she now is enhancing it with a "Simple Kind Tuesday" banner and post to remind the listening that a simple act of kindness is worth every effort it took to convey the thought or deed to others.

A simple act of kindness can be a comment to another person in the way of a compliment, or a simple act of doing by giving another an open door or a phone call, a book to share or music to listen too. Just share whatever you have with another in a good way and the deed is done. Smile, it is easy.

Claudia says:

Simply Kind Tuesdays

1. Write about kindness on Tuesdays.
· You may write an entire post about kindness
· You may include kindness in your posts. Even one line will do!

2.Outside of kindness, there is no specified topic. You can talk about the kind acts you are doing, something you saw in the paper, kindness in general, or ...

3.The goal of Simply Kind Tuesdays, increase awareness of the kindness that surrounds us.

See this link to get your banners and participate, lets go!

Click here for information about Simply Kind Tuesdays


On a limb with Claudia said...

Hurray! Thanks for writing the first ever Simply Kind Tuesday (except for me!) I'm excited to have you join! :)

You should also be able to find Mr. Linky's if you want to use him!

storyteller said...

Lovely post ...
I missed last week entirely, but I've published my first Simply Kind Tuesday post this morning at Sacred Ruminations and plan to make this a regular part of my blogging.
Hugs and blessings,