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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Thoughts

Matthew Mead style

A link to Matthew Mead website for lots of fun ideas and templetes.

I just finished tying some rosemary on grapevine wreaths as we are to have our first freeze tonight!

I saw in the newspaper Saturday a feature on Matthew Mead style editor for Country Home an article on Halloween decorating. That is my favorite page of the paper all week. He has a new book on Halloween tips and some very FINE Ideas for Halloween decorating with things we have around the house. And with the economy as it is, this would be all I could do for sure .He mentions putting carrots in your candle holders in groups of three or five, tips pointed up and add a couple of creepy eyes about ¾ to the top! You can also put the carrots in a goblet vase with several carrots with eyes in it also. Cute table ideas! How fun is that? Also, he has an idea to tie pleated white cupcake liners upside down on your chandelier arms with black thread and dotted with black eyes, How cute! Use eyes on your corn on the cob in your basket, like they are looking at you with a napkin over the ends on them. You can find many ideas at his web-site and fun templates also.

I guess I am finally getting in the fall spirit! I sure am ready. I have decorated the front door with a door cover I did not make (shame on me) and a lit pumpkin. I kind of fixed up the ol’ Scarecrow with some new hat flowers and neck leaves. He has been around many Halloween’s now and needed some fluff. I gave out candy canes last year for a trick to my treaters. They looked sort of shocked and that was the purpose. The trick was on them!

LOL, smiles, cyndi


faerie enchantment said...

Great Post, I'm just getting back into Halloween mode now that I have power at my house! LOL!
Happy Halloween!
SPook-Tacular Wishes!

Dani said...

hope you had a great Halloween, we had about 50 kids show up..the little ones were so cute...I didn't see the link you mentioned?