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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where have I been and am going to

I finally finished watching Miss Potter, the Beatrix Potter movie of her life. I so love her stories and this will be a movie I have to own when I see it on sale on day somewhere. I have it from the Library now and I had to check it out twice to get it watched.
I got caught up cleaning up my eBay mess I live it at home. I am trying to straighten things up in my home and garage. I was so embarrassed when the charter cable folks came to install something my DH signed up for and they could not work because they could not get to the area they needed to work at. SO, I started on my small work room, (where I had no room to work, to clean it up so they can get to the Linksys materials or at least area it is located Friday and then yesterday Saturday I worked in cleaning the garage. I think I need to make a trip to the Charity spots close to me with a truckload of STUFF! Or, make up combination boxes of Stuff and sell it in eBay as junk, (you do know one person's junk, is another's treasure) and I am usually on the receiving end of this line.)
I also did some eBay store work all behind the scenes, and renewed my etsy item I had let go inactive. SO far Etsy for me has been my handmade and I have had no time to work my arts except in a few Fairy Zine exchanges I was in. I love doing that and I also have a lot for items that are vintage I believe I will put in Etsy instead of eBay or both maybe. BUT, I have been working on banners to make the buttons and I want to join the bump me up groups. I thin I will make my own banner for my new Pets Store I had a domain for. Another thing I need to get going! SO many, I need to, I need to, till I am totally overwhelmed. I can only work out one box at a time, so I am going to do the garage bump out thing and work the house fillers out to the garage.
I am also while I am re-doing this house going to make a display spot for photo taking. I have so many ideas and so little expertise and time.
My DH is out on sick leave now too as he had back surgery. His favorite line I hear, is," Can you do me a favor?" I love the ways that starts out! LOL, He has helped me so much to kind of get back on my feet as my neuropathy hit me three years ago. He did everything for me!

Also I got sidetracked when Emma (our new puppy) came in with muddy feet, so I had to get out the carpet cleaner and one thing led to another, I cleaned many much needed yards of carpet, much more that just her muddy footprints. Water I do not mind ~ mud, I do!
And, it looks like we will get a lot of rain form Gustavo, as he moves ashore tomorrow. They are busing folks from New Orleans here to Birmingham. I wish I could do more to help the animals in need. I have the perfect shelter/Bed/ Crate to transporting them and all NEW Puppies anyway need these crates for confinement as they can get into so much stiff from puppy curiosity. Emma’s sleeps in hers and gets to be in it when I cannot watch her. She is getting better; I used to put her in it even to take a shower. She is asleep now the back door to the porch now anyway, and I am going to take the daybed down there and just move the wicker chairs there as a sitting spot instead of me lying down to read. I do remember those days, loved them, but no time anymore. At least not now! I can always put it back maybe later. And for the time being, Bob would like to sit out there more if it was not in the direct sun, so mornings are perfect.
Well, got to go, I linked to something and found, so I started it
Going also. I need all the exposure I can get. So now I am also at:

Why don’t you come join me?

Later, friends,
Smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

Dani said...

Sounds like you've been really busy, Cyndi....I've been selling fairly well on least as good as I did on Ebay. Got 3 sales this weekend....hope you will do better soon and get everything sure helps when you know where everything is and its all organized...