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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Emma loves the Rain

She is growing up so fast and getting long legs, even a little back leg hiney hair, LOL! she leaps like a deer and dances on her 90 MPH runs in circles outside around the swing set and up and around the deck, which she slid on like a deer I have seem slid down on all fours on ice.SHe just gets back up and goes on and on, then naps like a baby. Bob my DH, has been home the last three weeks since he had back surgery.
We have tried to have her be gentle with him and times are getting better as he heals.
It is fun to watch her and I try to capture these moments when I can. I also have found three of her baby teeth that have come out for her big Girl teeth to come in, Everything is still in the mouth.

We had almost 13 inches of rain in out backyard when Fay came thru here last week, we are in central Alabama, and the outside play pool for Emma was over the sides with water by the end, and now Gustav is threatening the Gulf coast this weekend or Labor Day Monday.
Blessings to all,
smiles, cyndi

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