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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday, Sept 6, 2008

I opened my email this morning and found one of my favorite messages, the Link to the "Old Primative Register" newsletter and in it I found some neat primative artist's information and even found three blogs are having give-aways. Of course I went to register for them and found all three to be full of new links to see other new artists' to have a day full of fun looking at them. Oh, I wish I was full of $$ and just half so talented.

I said I would post here and I will,

Aunt Mannys Creations

Honeysuckle Lane's Simple Joys

Olde Coloniel Peddler

and an auction, for the Old Coloniel Pedder's daughter(Mallory) who has a rare disease.

Sept 7-14 Miracles for Mallory auction

You will see some awesome items and stories at these sites.

I am also planning on having my first giveaway soon, Well, except for the One World, One Heart I took part in last Valentine's Day. I keep waiting till I have more time to make some things that I love and the problem is so many are still in my head. I have been buying supplies all year and getting more new fresh ideas, so I am going to have to quit using that excuse as I see I am never going to catch up on my other house full of things problems, I just need to make a few trips to my Charity's to let them sell my things themselves. They won't sell on eBay if I can't even get them listed.

My husband is still healing from his back surgery and Emma, our new puppy is still where I have to watch her every moment, (especially when she gets quiet). At least she loves her chewie rawhide bones and Jordan likes them when they get really gooey.
I think his teeth are bad or biting is hard, (he IS 10 years old) whatever, I noticed him eating and not biting into his dogfood. But, he will take it fine from my hand or when watery so I have been adding water and back to the RX canned only as his digestive problems are back! Poor boy, we were car riding the other day and he was acting up, really aggitated, breathing hard, and generally trying for attention. I thought he needed air or water(I keep a water bowl in car all the time). I rolled his window down more and he practically hung his whole head out. We were close to home, so I hurried. Got door open and he ran to grass and thru up and also had diarrah. Poor Baby, he was trying to tell us! I just could not read him and drive too. He loves to car ride so I leave emma in her crate at home and just take him sometimes since he is so devistated to be left home. Well, I just have to UP my watch on him more carefully and try to read more into his trying to get thru to me.

Oh Also, we got some hot dog buns at the Deli in store like homemade bread, awesome!
Bob is making us hot dogs for lunch and they smell so yummy. I do appreciate him cooking and I don't mind cleaning up. And we have catfish and hush puppies on the agenda for tonight.

See you later,
smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

Dani said...

I just love Old Prairie Register too, Cyndi..lots of great stuff and ideas there..
Maybe you need to have your dogs teeth looked at, a bad tooth could make him sick if it's infected.