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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tagged, what a thrill!

and who could be invited to a tag party more luxurious than one by Angelina's Trinkets at

Angelina has a very beautiful blog and it is very inspiring. What friends we have met thru this Blogger adventure started really with One World, One Heart by visiting each other's blogs and how did we know so many would start etsy boutiques also.
Well ok, to be tagged means I need to tell seven things about myself, some random and some wierd.

And what I am learning about blogs:

1. Mmm, seven things, well, I always considered 7 (seven) to be a lucky or loved number by myself. I just like the way it looks and sounds. who knows why I feel this way about the number # 7?, I do choose it alot when picking numbers, smiles! Is this random or wierd?

2. Tell about myself... I love purple, anything purple. I picked this up from my friend Ann who I use to work with in the 80's and we are still friends after 20 years, hard to believe that many years now have zoomed by so fast.

3. I also love dragonflys, passionately! We lived in Seattle area in Sumner, WA and this dragonfly(s) visited my back deck several times that summer. Even landed on my arm several times and we conversed, yes, we did! It was blue and I now have a tatoo of it on my forearm when I can see it and enjoy it's memory. That was a very special summer, we lived in a log home in the Pacific Northwest with TALL, TALL Fir Trees and my heart has always been there since. Even more than before we moved there. I love the water of the sea and the mountain forests and they are together in that area. Better than Colorado even, in my heart; I love the West.

4. But, I also have to learn to live where planted like Mary Englebret says! So I try to make the best of what I have. Sometimes it is a struggle to find happiness, but, I just have to let it be what is it and quit trying so hard to find it. I have truely found NEW happiness in the blogger forums and meeting so many wonderful and artful friends. Seeing their creations just makes me yearn to settle down more and do what is in me, in my heart! I want to do so many things and I am my own worst enemy with my time.

5. I am thankful for my family and what we have been through. Maybe not more than most but I do feel that we have done alot in our lives together and been blessed to have had it, had it taken away, and have our memories. We are Blessed!

6. This is going fast; and I can't run anymore. I still can't even wear shoes and socks due to my neuropathy and getting the spinal stimulator implant has not helped get past that ~ as I had hoped. But, I ran plenty when I could, we ran thru fields, ran races, skipped, jumped and teeter-tottered in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC to our hearts content while watching the cricket players in their white suits, the totum poles and a suprise luncheon at the Tea House overlooking Elliot Bay. It couldn't be finer, and we experienced it. ;-)

7. I yearn to learn digital art to make collage albums of our trips and adventures
plus my fairy/dragonfly/elfish yearning to make my altered art with fibers, paints, paper, fabric, whatever. I have a garageful of collections of my findings over the last year. I prefer to find my owm embellishments rather than go buy new and then just make what my thoughts become. So far, my ACEO card, wall cone hanging and Halloween wall art were made moment by moment, having no idea what would come next, just letting my mind wander thru the experience. What fun!

ok, seven came very fast, did I do it right?, I will not re-read and delete as those are first thoughts. Maybe tomorrow it will be completely different seven thoughts

and now to pass on to seven more;

My Glad Tidings friends have already made tags so I will not ask for more, but please visit their sites for their fabulous information

So, I select as blogs I love to visit and find inspiration at, off I go! Crazier in Real Life's Corner Thru Life Living in the Light I Find Helpers Victorian Gypsy Dew


Pherenike said...

Greetings. :)
OWOH became so big that it is impossible (unless you abandon life outside the computer) to get to know all those bloggers. Im glad you tagged me so i could find you again!
Now to write my list....

BTW, the link on this post to me is missing a bit.


Sandi said...

I've never been tagged before! Thanks. I feel like someone must be reading my blog! I'll get my list up tomorrow.