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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Present for me?

I received in the mail today a misterious present of a beautiful altered art vintage photo of two young girls, maybe sisters or best friends?, they have an angel overlooking their shoulders with large wings spread over their shoulders!
It also has the word "faith" on it. IT IS AWESOME! I love it and I thank you to you whoever you are and it came from here in Alabama. Oh, how I wonder which blog is yours that I must have posted too in the "One World, One Heart" Exchange?

The post on Valentine's Day has made its way down in my February collasped list on the right sidebar!

That was sure a fun month and hard to believe is only two weeks ago!

I love it and appreciate it! giGGLeS! :-) I love surprises!

I have to go downsize my market space tonight as we are to also have a store-wide meeting. My DH will go help me.

I will post a photo tomorrow if my treasured gift!

smiles, cyndi
PS: It has turned so cold here today and it poured rain and blew wind here last night. Jordan was up and so scared, we were awake alot. To freezing tonight and I good night for hot chocolate and a good cover!

1 comment:

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Wow, a surprise in the mail? How wonderful that is. I know with the OWOH my surprises have been coming in and boy is it exciting, so I can imagine how delightful it would be to find a surprise.

I see you stopped by my blogspot, but missed the dragonfly give-away...well, I ended up getting tagged the other day and since I did not want to run out and tag a bunch of other bloggers, I decided to have a Tagging Party and my Angelina's Trinkets blog. So come on by and join the party as I have a little give-away to send to my first seven visitors.

Best Wishes,