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Friday, September 30, 2016

What I have been doing? Forest Finds, Gardening, Dried Flowers, etc.

What in the world have I been up too lately!  The forest  is so enchanting now with the leaves falling rapidly. I got a bag of fallen pears yesterday from a couple to put out for the deer, they love them! They have been closer to the cabin lately, I can see them across in the forest by the edge of the road and sometimes even walking up it. I can hear them when the leaves rustle in the woods and look to see a doe and two babies, but we have more sometimes. Also the turkeys and I hope the bear will stay in hibernation so I can put my bird feeders back out as it tears them up.

I found while out one day what I suppose you really call "Pole Beans".   I loved this garden! 

Bamboo Poles 

And this is the "Poison Sumac"  in bloom, you do NOT want to get near it, it is worse than Poison Ivy! 

I also have been collecting forest finds and filling Etsy orders from them. I love the "Natural Organic real thing" over purchasing a man-made item in a store look- alike. They never get it quite right.
                                     Pussy Willow Real Thing 

                                            Shelf Mushrooms

Other fungi , the Pink is Indian Pipe and it can also be White

 Teeny Tiny Acorns are falling everywhere, they collect also in the Moss in my Bee Balm Garden.  I can just rake my fingers thru the crevices and out they come!   I also planted moss there to keep the falling flowers from getting in the dirt or mulch.  The one small cone I got from another place as we have none on our property. This is a coffee can lid they are displayed inside of.

I found the Golden Wooly Worms, I wonder why they are not black or if they will be? 

The sassafras leaves are the cabin are turning colors and are so beautiful! I call our cabin " Sassafrass Cabin" because we have so many of these trees in our yard and nearby forest.

I have real Pussy Willow over the Silk Artificial ones  I brought up here. It dried beautifully and is in use in my potpourri and floral displays. I also dry so many of my flower heads and collect seeds for later in another place.  I have gardened here more than ever in my life! 

                         Flowers I Dry for Potpourri with Essential Oils  

And some Potpourri I have made, Pink Roses 

I also recently fell off the side of our porch and I sat there saying, " I did NOT break my ankle" over and over again before I got up. Praise the Lord is was not broken but badly sprained so I had to get some wider shoes to accommodate the wrap the DR. put around and I found some really cute ones. I love them, they are a size to big but OK, they will lace tighter after my ankle heals.I did have to return the brown leather slip-on because my heel slipped to bad in it. I thought the ties around them would be fine but, not enough to keep them on. 

Thanks for looking at my post today, please leave a comment; I love knowing you were here! Blessings, Cyndi


Thistle Cove Farm said...

So much loveliness in this post! Bamboo poles are great, as long as they don't sprout. Dave once said about bamboo, "It's the closest thing to eternal life I've ever seen!" It's nasty stuff once it gets root.
Poison Sumac...beautiful but another nasty.
Cyndi, do you dye with fungus? There's an international society that does and the dyes are gorgeous.
I'm so glad you didn't break that ankle; take care to let it heal correctly and entirely so you don't have troubles later on.
Finally, do you make Sassy tea? Aunt Esther always made some for me and I love the stuff!

frstyfrolk/Cyndi said...

Thanks Sandy,
I do grow Bamboo that I brought from AL I sought out and I do keep it controlled. The wild stuff up here is not near as pretty!

I told my new neighbor about the Poison Sumac, I got it once and Yes, NASTY! very hard to clear it up and much time! I am very careful these days.

I have not yet dyed with fungus but will look into it. I have so much of it available, I should do it! I just love all the different colors on one tree. I did try to dye with red pokeberries and what a mess I made, had to throw it out. The seeds got everywhere! I am also growing (or trying to) Blue False Indigo for making Blue dye. I also got brown dye from walnut shells one year.
My ankle is healing nicely, thanks, I don;t wear the wrap anymore but I am very careful with my steps in my year. Many trees are down and the backyARD STILL IS FULL OF THOSE TREE ROOTS THE SEPTIC FOLKS LEFT. i GUESS i WILL JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE AND STAY AWAY FROM THERE UNTIL WE MOVE, SOMEONE ELSE CAN DEAL WITH IT. ( SORRY CAPS GOT ON)

And, YES! I do make sassafras tea now and then. I love it! Great time of year for it right now!

Blessings, Cyndi and thanks for your comment!