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Friday, December 29, 2017

Almost a year gone by and by with another coming up! 2017-2018 Found as Draft Never Published

I simply cannot believe it has been a year since I was here and posted! WOW!; times flies more and more!  I would have never ever imagined it would take so long to settle in and I still have a lot more to do.  I am in the process  of still trying to get my flowers I brought from old cabin re-planted in a garden I had tilled here. It is taking forever it seems with still trying to settle into new cabin that we now own, some things like bookcases are still in middle of room where movers left them. Problem is no wall space as it is a big beautiful open concept with not many walls to put my bookcases against.  I started putting unpacked books in them just to make boxes unpacked and re-use for other things, also to see what I had here as I still have some warehouses to check in what is also there too.  

I have not listed either in my on-line shops, listing takes so much time with writing a description, taking photos, and measurements of everything I list ( I try to do) even more than some catalogs tell you about an item.  I like to leave no surprises for anyone to receive as I offer no returns unless my fault in listing.  The idea is to have spendable money is why I limit my returns, also to have postage mailing money which I made need to ship items I sell. 

I have so much stuff of all kinds as I have said before that when I can get to doing it again, it will be a big assortment of kinds of items, Vintage and New, Outgrown  down sizes) with clothing.  I have many clothing items and Brands very desirable to hopefully my buyers.  I have lost so much weight since moving to North Carolina because I spend so much time outside where I love to be and very active.  But, my loved clothing simple much go as much as I just love it, I have not closet space to hold them nicely and I hate to iron but I will have too sooner or later. I got some covered clothes racks to put in my " Garden Shed" I purchased when we moved here along with garden and holiday items.  I can now reflect on what I really do wear and double I will grow back into many of them and I have been pinning my waistbands which I will quit.  I have enough that fits me now.  Someone else may love it as I do( did) so now to make them available.  

I am on my new HP computer which I got yesterday since my just died with freezing up my arrow curser and  too many re-boots just making it completely unusable now. My DH is trying to remove from it what he can. I just do hope I did not lose all of my photographs and listing descriptions like I did once before when had to change computers.  That was precious work lost!

Soon it will be Christmas and I finally have room for our old big tree we did not have room for in our old cabin. At least I hope too. It is not even pre-lit like all the new ones, and may need replacement too.  We did put up string of LED small lights on the front and back decks to make it easier to see while there without a big overhead light on.  Now, you can see our house from the main road which before was not seen until you almost entered our driveway.  I did not expect to be able to see it so far away and I just noticed coming home one evening after dark.  I don't think I like it being that visible either.  Those are bright tiny white lights and more economical.

Added since found draft post: 12-29-17 

Our Back Porch Tree and Wagon Wreath on fireplace, I did not decorate it. With Emma and Bailey and chew bones.

Berries and Fir Branches with Pine Cones 
Wood Snowman I have had for many years along with Brass Angel Voltive, not lit! 



My Back Porch Live Fir Christmas Tree, we did Not Get Christmas Decorations I brought home from our warehouse up and the Old Artificial Tree is still there. (I could not move what was needed to get it out from under rugs on tops and sides of it.) 

Happy New Year, Cyndi / aka ByLightOfMoon / frstyfrolk

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