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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Re-Thinking Thread Up to resell my clothing and finding a Fabulous new Spray Paint for my Dried Flowers!

Since my last post I got my bag ready with very nice clothing and was ready to mail it when I saw a link on Facebook to their page and I saw nothing but BAD Reviews so I am NOT going to send it to them and I am also doing away with my affiliate status with them. Here is my bag I packed:
If you see anything here you wish for, please let me know in message to me in the comments section of this post! Also my email is ByLightOfMoon So, I want to offer nothing but GOOD things here and I have another find to tell you about.

This one is from my personal experience and I can share with certainty a Great Product. I found these spray bottle of Purple "TintIt" Spray Paint at Halloween and when I used it on some foliage I sprayed gray instead of my Clear Preservative. I was so impressed with it! It is a Spray you can use lightly or cover heavily.

My gray paint was for my book primer I was using was for a Halloween book.
 I loved the effect on the pieces of Hydrangea I sprayed gray and some rose hips. I did not re-spray the rose hips, they are just gone but I wanted to go back for more "TintIT" in a pink and blue as I have some I dried Hydrangea that is not full colors with some brown tinges on it. I also have way to much brown lace Hydrangea I will try to use it on.

 The Brown Lace is beautiful in it's own way but I do have a lot of it. I searched our local area and could not find it again, so I went on-line and did a search for it. I found the least expensive price was from "Create for Less", a crafting site I really love when I looked around but all I could get at the time was the TintIt" Spray. The pink is called " Pinkilicious" and the Blue is called "Sapphire" and it is made by Design Master Spray Paint.Also the Purple is called " Plum" and that is what I used first before I ordered the other two on-line. "Create for Less had it for under $7.00 a bottle when the Walmart site had it on-line for almost $11.00 a bottle.

 Here are my photographs: The first photos are of Dried Stonecrop, a succulent that has taken over my garden, the dried heads are brownish red but I thought they carried seeds and in searching it, I found they are not seed heads, so let's paint them. I found in the Halloween section at Walmart,the Purple Bottle called "Plum" and wanted to tint a hydrangea flower head dried brown. I loved it and went searching for more colors but they had no more of ANY of it in stock at both stores near me.

I still searched other shops and none to be found so I headed for the internet and found just what I wanted at CreateforLess shop! Wow, I had found a new to me Crafting Shop! They carry so much of everything I might need for mixed media needs. Sine I am living in a small country town we have no Joanne's or Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc to shop and is where I used to go for my supplies. They shipped me the Blue Color " Sapphire" and the Pink is " Pinkolicious. They are a multi-use transparent dye. You can make it how ever deep you want the color with a light spray to just barely give a touch of color and heavier sprays make it darker!

You can choose for your project any dye color you wish. There are more colors available too. I became an affiliate for them because I was so impressed with their inventory and shipping was reasonable and fast! If you choose to shop there, please go with my link which is also at the top of my page now, very easy to find. Just bookmark my blog for easy access to this link any time you go internet shopping for crafting supplies and I would very much appreciate your linking though my Blog page. Here it is again, CreateForLess enjoy the photographs, also hydrangea dyed pink or pinkolicious!

Dried Stonecrop Succulent plant

A little Purple on Hydrangea 

Three Colors to work with 

I had played with this first

Ready to get to work

The results on Hydrangea 


Looking down into the bottles of StoneCrop Dried Succulent
It sure does work good, my" Pinkolicious " spray cap was not on right and it went everywhere but I did have on gloves to spray it with so all OK. I will shop there again when I am ready.

 I have been busy listing some over-stock of merchandise I have no room for, especially since I closed my local Consignment Shop and have a lot of clothing: sweaters, jeans, accessories, etc. to list on-line at my Sister Etsy Shop and EBay also. They are both listed with "frstyfrolk" my Vintage Etsy Shop and on Ebay with frstyfrolk name.

 I better get back to work, I thank you for stopping by and please leave me a comment, I love them! Have a Blessed Day, Smiles, Cyndi

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy New Year, Cyndi; may you celebrate in good health and happiness. Don't blame you for throwing them to the curb; I've been doing a lot of that lately and it feeeeeeellllllssssss GOOD!

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Sandra,

Yes, cleaning out can be so hard and frustrating also. I like what I have, just no room and have to clear out to function better. I need a Barn, I have some pussy willow I collected to spray clear preservative on and list again.
I make my own time problems I think, I am just hopeless.. when I need to be inside clearing out what I already have, not getting more... I just don't know or am to stupid to quit gathering. ( grins)
Blessings, Cyndi