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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sell your clothing with ThredUP!

While I was on Facebook I saw a new Site to me, that sells your clothing for you and sends you a check. The model and photograph your item, list it, they do everything you need done for a Great Sale! I am sure better that I could do myself, plus so easy! They send you a Large Bag, you fill it up with your NICE clothing and you send it back to them postage paid by ThredUp!  Can't hurt to give it a try!  Check it out!  I put a banner at the top of my page for easy access!

I have so many clothing items to sell and I just cannot find the time to list them all myself, so I am taking them up on this offer and I will see how much I make, better than sitting in my storage room.
Will give me more room to  list what I can and storage area cleaner with more room tor other clothing and my craft supplies! 

So, look in your Closet or Stored Clothing!     

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