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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I ordered from the Interweave Header above, the last item in blue, Volume 6: Art Lessons with Jenny Cochran Lee and I adore it, will use for making Mixed media with found objects!

My Life has been so busy and with very generous friends!

I ordered a "Pawprint Folded Paper Art Book"  from Marilyn at her Etsy shop," ThePinkPigVintage "

Isn't it just  Awesome!

This Beautiful Altered Art Frame with typewriter keys, I just adore it!   It says, " Life is Short: Eat More Chocolate in here shop also, they arrived so fast I could hardly blink my eyes! 

I also ( be-friended or she me) Laurie at Soul Seeds Etsy Shop! She ordered some Jewelweed from me at my ByLightOfMoon Etsy Shop..
Laurie was very nice in gifting me with this soap from her new line at : Abela Body Care on Etsy, her second Etsy shop! It is " Back to the Garden Soap"  and I adore it, it smells FabUlOuS!
Thanks Laurie, It is Very  Much appreciated!

Look at these fabulous wings I found on our porch, one is missing! 

And, I used our clothesline to dry our porch and sofa blankets and pillows, they needed it with the dogs and dust from our gravel road!   You can also see  my garden work in progress below, I am finishing it ToDaY! Enough already!

Bob's Maple tree and pallet with clay/dirt dug from hole to plant hydrangea.


Our Indian blankets,( we got several of these) for Seattle from our travels there for our bamboo  ladder we had in living room to use on porch if needed.

I am always finding mushrooms in our yard, I am going to make a curiosity or shadow box collection for my "ByLightOfMoon Etsy" shop", I have bins full that I need to de-stash!

Pretty Pink Hard Shelf mushrooms, I have more already dried too!
Grey Urns growing on a log , I have more already dried also!

Photo of collection this day only

The yellow and blue mushrooms  will shrivel up when dried.

Ok, Back to work, the sun is coming up! I work up at 3:30AM again today.
Smiles, Cyndi 


Laurie said...

The paw print book is wonderful. I will check out her shop. So many mushrooms! Thanks for sharing my etsy shop.

Laurie said...

I also meant to say I buy some of my soap supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs, and have some of the books on your list. Kindred spirits!