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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hometalk Board on Water Fountains and Features in your Garden!

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I made this Board on" Hometalk" which I adore this site, I can always find an answer to a question I have asked; especially plants ID and I have shown some handmade I have done.

This board has links to every item so just click on the photos to see more information useful on it. 
\Many tell you Instructions on DIY  How to Make, Cost and Time involved. 

You can also search for boards that interest you, ask a ? or Post an Interesting Idea other may love to see, Get ideas, Pin them to Pinterest, Facebook promote and  more!
My Profiles Page is, ByLightOfMoon" here where you can see my likes and clips!
And here is my fProfile for "Cyndi Neumann"  as I have two pages, I don;t know why I have two, it would be easier to keep everything in one place, but when I pin items I also have two Pinterest Boards on my side bar you can see them.

If you see a board of ideas you are interested in you can " Follow That Board" too and when new things are added, you are right there to take advantage of seeing them.

Say " Fall Decor" is a Hot Topic and here is the link in Blue, then you can find the boards you want to see more of them, make a board for yourself and WOW, what fabulous ideas! 

I  hope you enjoy this board I made and I hope you join Hometalk and if you already have or do join, please leave in my comment section your profile link and I will follow you and search around your boards for ideas that you love! 
I Love Comments! 

Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

Thistle Cove Farm said...

oh Cyndi, there is so much good information on the internet; hard to know where to hang out. Hope y'all are doing well. BTW, someone just told me about Daniel Boone restaurant in Boone, NC. Said it's a great place to eat; do you know it?