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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Scavenger Hunt, Etsy Team, Keepers of Enchantment, lost camera, Forest Findings!

I lost my camera and was frantic after I could not find it for a whole day, then the next day either (yesterday)! Finally, I moved a box of plastic tubs on the daybed on the porch and there it was. Relief!

 The last I remembered using it was to take some mushroom and stone pictures in my yard and I thought I had laid it down somewhere and it got covered up by leaves.  Sounds like me! We looked everywhere. I went through boxes of stuff that I had been in. I collect the plastic pastry boxes to keep my forest nature findings in where I can see through the containers and I found a whole box of them at the recycle dump in a bin. They don't take them so someone has trashed  them!

The mushrooms and stones are just awesome in my yard and the stones have started to flake with the cold weather. They make magic fairy dust! 

The mushrooms are on logs in my yard and I adore looking at the beautiful colors in them. I use them in my terrariums and shadow, curiosity boxes, etc. The striations of different colors on different logs are awesome! 

And, the tiny yellow orange ones are only teeny tiny that I saw when I moved some leaves. I mean teeny too, maybe 1/8 inch tall. and, completely covered til I moved the leaves and our leaves are huge here in the forest. They get caught in the stones in my moss garden where I have put stepping stones inside to walk on in the summer.

They are also several inches deep on the garden, I just move a few leaves and presto, beautiful moss is underneath! Beautiful and Green! Just perfect, mother nature takes care of herself. I have learned so much since living in the woods, they are in my soul.

I can't really rake the leaves here, they have to be hand-picked up to not disturb underneath what I may find. I carry an leaf large potting bucket with me and then mulch them with the lawnmower. And, I had just mowed last week before the snow. What I can mow at least, so the ground got a good soaking. 

I can also just pick up this quartz and the fantastic blue slate stones flake off also. They will make beautiful ponds or terrarium accents! 

 Blue Slate  with fungi on log

So glad I found my camera, it was eating at me where it could be and then my DH told me he had dumped my porch trash can without going through it. My heart sank, I thought maybe it was gone forever! And, it was a Christmas present from my Mother who is 83. I treasure it and she enjoys the photos I take with it.
We live hundreds of miles apart.

My newest project is making some fairy related items for my "ByLightOfMoon" Etsy shoppe with forest items.   I am working on some jewelry items, along with some surprises. 

My newest Team is having a Scavenger hunt with 16 shops having items with a special photo as the last photo in the listing and many prizes will be given out. I love the fairy tale related shops in this team I joined, Keepers of Enchantement! 

This is the  photo to look for in the listings. It will be on the shops first two pages only on ONE Item only!

The scavenger Hunt will start soon with the shops participating listed soon. Can you find my listing for the Hunt?  ByLightOfMoon Etsy Shop

I guess I had my own scavenger hunt trying to find my camera so I am ready! 
Smiles, Cyndi

PS: Your comments are very much appreciated!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

So very glad you found your camera, Cyndi! A few months ago, I misplaced my phone and finally found it, outside and useless as it'd gone through several rain storms. The replacement phone isn't nearly as good but it'll do.
Great re-cycling on the plastic boxes.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I do that too. Set my camera down and then can't remember where the last time was when I used it. Boy, that panic sets in and I tear everything apart looking. Then there is is looking right at me! Grrr. Love your photos. Reminds me of the forest island that was behind our home in Kodiak Alaska. Those woods were the first time I had ever seen ''live'' sphagnum moss, I was in awe! There were similar mushrooms that grew on the trees there also. They got quite large and we were told they were called ''Bears Bread''. Not sure why. I miss those woods so much. So peaceful and rejuvenating. What ever was bothering you left as soon as you entered. I remember the smell of the oxygenated air. Wild Salmon berries grew wild along side wild blueberry. We'd pick and pick. I used to make salmon berry syrup for our sourdough pancakes. Blueberries were used to top most everything. The island had a bridge you crossed over to reach it. A salmon stream surrounded it and Eagles soared above. Even though I was born and raised in California and we always transferred ''home'' when able, I left my heart in Alaska. Sorry for the long post, but your photos brought back a flood of memories. Thank you <3