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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Keeper of Enchantment!

Here are some items from My "ByLightOfMoon" shop on Etsy

  And, my "frstyfrolk" Etsy Shop! I am adding new items to both of my shops!

I love the Forest and my "ByLightOfMoon" has many nature listings from the forest with Fairies, dragonflies, hobbits, gnomes, to be featured soon!

I have many items that can be used in your miniature Lilliputian gardens, Terrariums, Zen Gardens, Bonasi, Wood Sprites, and or any small moss garden you are making.

My" frstyfrolk" shop is Vintage Items that I have collected, some fairy like related.
A great Fairy Like Blouse, and Hippie Ring, Bling Ring, and Vintage collections I had when we moved to this small cabin in the Woods!

My structure has changed since we moved to the Forest, I was making Nature Jars before and China Towers but now I focus on Garden and Forest Items. I am a Spirit of the forest and I love it there. Anytime I sell something from the forest I love that it gives me a reason to venture out and see what I can find!

I see where the Fairies dance and play, the hobbits and gnomes live in tree spaces,and I collect items they leave for me to find in games they play with me.  It might be the hobbit hats from the "Hobbit Hat Factory"
( acorn tops), Fairy wings and sparkle dust, Pieces of their fairy mirrors, ( Mica) and Blue, Red, Pink, Green , Quartz and many Shiny Stones for me to make ponds and fairy, sprite, moss garden items with.

Some of this is not yet listed but it will be... I have a new focus ~ Imagination, Enchantment, Gratitude, Fantasy, Magical, and Fun! I have a collection of Fairytale Books, Gnomes, Hobbits,and Magic from the past, so this is just re-opening my faith to explore it. Those are books I will never sell!

I found a new Etsy Team and it has me really inspired! Keepers of Enchantment!  I have bins full of enchanting items I have collected and saved so I suppose I am a " Keeper of Enchantment"! It fits!
I can get lost looking at the fun items made by these team members !

Hugs, Cyndi

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