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Monday, November 11, 2013

Up Cycling and ReCycling Plant Markers for the Garden, plus Moss Collecting in the forest!

I cannot seem to stay out of the woods and my gardening. It seems there is always something to do to keep me from listing all the things I have that I need to sell. Any, here is a gardening idea I have, I can't remember if I saw it somewhere or just thought it up. I have tried to make garden plant markers several ways, I think I finally found one that works, and fro old recycled up cycled blinds I found at the thrift store. At first I planted my seeds in newspaper roll up's and then added a popsicle stick with pen and marker ID for the plant. Well, the marking came off the craft stick so I knew something was planted there but I could not remember what. I tried making a paper drawing of my garden and writing down what was planted where. I forgot too many times. Then, I started collecting the plastic blinds and after several ways of writing plant names on them I finally decided I had to Paint the name on it. When the names formally came off the blinds from a magic marker at least I knew something was planted there and not to did it up when grown down. OK, I cut the blinds into two or three parts just with a [pair of my heavy duty scissors I use in the garden for seed head trimming. Then I just painted the names of the plant when I plant it with the name and so far it seems to be staying on. This is very easy for my brain to remember and I keep a small paintbrush and bottle of acrylic paint nearby for making new ones. Sometimes my garden looks funny with all of the blind stakes and nothing there but I know not to plant anything else there in that spot. Zoom on the photos to make them larger to see.
The names are drying in these photos. I also have been collecting some moss for a couple of Etsy orders! Here is how I get started: I collect the moss,lichens, fungi, etc. and then I lay them out in my driveway to sort and clean them up. I try to use garbage bags or my bags I use to recycle my items to the dump, I carry them in these dog food and potting soil bags as I can keep them on the porch and sideways so they stay dry in the rain.
I saw these in the woods and could not resist a photo:

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