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Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Flea Market ~ Great Finds!

I found the neatest site to sell things in your closets, clothing and accessories only~ It is called Threadflip, and this is my page there. I was invited to join and sell on this site! I have found the most fascinating clothing and accessories just looking around this site. It is new and not well known YET! But, there are many sellers and buyers there, even lookers! That is OK too! See what folks are selling from their closets and the accessories they might have, also jewelry! I can list my new and vintage items there which I LOVE because I can't sell NEW on Etsy but I have also included some Vintage Clothing and accessories and I am just getting started listing there.
And, uess what I did this week, I sold some ribbon on Etsy ByLightOfMoon Shop and I could not locate it. I had some suitcases that I had never opened since we moved to this small cabin and it taks time to go through things. I had tied the suitcase closed , (the hardware)works but I did this anyway! I tied a strip of a sheet around the suitcase and when I opened it, I was amazed at what I found. It was full of trims and seam bindings, sewing items etc. I have been using to work on my Mixed Media lamp shades! This is the sheet strip it was tied with:
Well, After this suitcase I knew I had another I had not opened in fact two of them, here they are just full of beautiful laces and crochet, knitted items GALORE!
And then I even had another I had forgot what was in it: It was a selection of greeting cards! And, I have several plastic bin tubs full of them too!
I Am so excited to get started going through them. Of course, I have excess so I will be listing them in my Etsy shops too! I alreadyhave listed some sales in my Etsy shops and I have some listings n Ebay also, Ebay Etsy shops Supplies and Handmade ~ Vintage ~ Smiles, Cyndi

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