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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall in the Air!

I love classic vinyl radio on Sirius satellite radio, especially n the early mornings! We cannot get radio in the mountains so it is what was in the car when we purchased it and we kept it up. It reminds me of good old days when we were young and we had a paper route AM delivery.  We used it hear" Layla" with "Derik and the Dominos"," Sweet Melissa" ( and our daughter is named Melissa),"Pink Floyd", etc. when we were out to see the sunrise. Now, I have not seen the sunrise lately but early on Sunday morning here no traffic is on the roads when I go to get the Newspaper as most folks are in church or just staying in for the mornings until a festival event is attended or mountain walks. Anyway, sweet memories!

I also see the fall coming or here I suppose as it was crisp this morning at 54 degrees. A sweater and shoes for sure today. Yesterday the high was in the 70's and very nice outside.  I need to get some of my plants dug up to take inside for the winter and I better get started on it. It will be here before we know it, cooler temperatures anyway.  I love fall weather and the leaves turning. The sassafras trees have been the first to turn here with the dogwood berries falling. The acorns are falling and the mornings are like a symphony in the forest with the dew on the leaves and dripping, plus the sounds of the pine cones and acorns falling to the ground.

A walk on the road with the dogs finds leaves everywhere on the ground already even though not turned bright colors yet. Some are even black on the ground. Not really pretty yet, but it will be soon.
I was thinking of my art, leaves, berries, cones, sticks, twigs, I have collected them all. I have leaves pressed in books and wax. ready to use. I love to use nature items I find everywhere. Any yes, rusty crusty too!  Anything all beaten up and old, vintage, ancient, colors turned gray and brown with rust. I am ready to get the fires burning.  I just have a gas fireplace but we have a fire pit built and lots of downed trees are everywhere from falls in winds and rain. They are small by some count as the forest is dark and they reaches for the sky and sun straight up in the Nantahala Forest. It is called " Land of the Noonday Sun" for a reason. We only get the sun directly when it is straight up high in the sky.

This photo is of my four-o-clock flower producing a seed that I heard fall on day when I brushed by the plant. I planted them in a pot on the porch to see what they were like. I never had one before and they do bloom in the mornings too! 

Nest below

This nest was also found while lurking around the woods in a downed tree. I am not sure what kind of nest as most of the squirrels have leaves in the nests. This is one HUGE nest too, maybe 12-15 inches across. 

I have found this summer many of my flowers I planted at the woods edgy are doing OK but not brilliant. The house rims plantings I did are fine and growing larger than ever before for me. I have never seen any of my zinnias and celosia so high. And, I love it!

I am also still seeing many mushrooms and these are growing at the road edge in a ditch. They are very tiny and bright orange color. 

I do need to get my elephant ears dug I am told before it freezes but they too have been HUGE this year! I definitely need to keep them! Also the amaryllis bulbs I planted in the ground will come up. They bloomed beautifully last spring from being in the attic windows all winter. The geranium too!  I already re-potted it and have it ready for winter. 
I need to get my Indian corn on my front door for Fall Decor. I am just a list maker for things to come. It never ends does it?

Smiles, Cyndi


Dani said...

pretty photos, Cyndi....I like the mushrooms, such wonderful colors!..its still hot here but the days are growing shorter....our fall comes a bit later.....

Cinderella Moments said...

You live in some enchanted place! It's amazing. I love the nest. Who ever built it must have been pretty big. The little mushrooms are so cute. Must be nice to be able to rummage through the forest for treasures. Enjoy a gorgeous autumn!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Gorgeous photos Love the butterfly

Eggs In My Pocket said...

LOL when it comes to decorating........I don't think it ever ends.......thank goodness! Love your photos and I love to listen to nostalgic music as well. The new music is not quite the same.

romance-of-roses said...

Well I love everything here, wish I lived at a place like this. Living in the city is so different. Hugs...Lu

victoriantailor said...

Love the unusual things you have, the nest, butterfly, very pretty!!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Such pretty pictures! Thank you for sharing. ; )

Theresa said...

Hi Cyndi, Just popping in to say hello. I love your photographs. The mushrooms, butterfly...I have a new site I hope to be blogging more starting October. Come visit me @ (formerly Msartist's Mixed Media Playground on blogger) I am also blogging crafty stuff @

:) Theresa