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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sharing my Days and Thoughts

I have been talking and sharing with you in my mind lately; just not actually typed in words on the computer for you. Well, I will change that now.

I am still working on my attic craft room organization and garden yard art. I have been wrapping my bicycle tires with fabric strip rolls and I  love tearing up old vintage sheets and fabrics that I can use for mixed media projects.  I did get my sewing machine down and out where I can use it. I just need to get a good table to put in on that I can use.  I also have many of my clothes that need to be altered for my new waist size. I have lost about 30 lbs since we moved to the North Carolina cabin and I am finding many of my clothes now fall off of me. I wear many elastic waits skirts and pants with ties that can be adjusted due to my Small Fiber Neuropathy and I can't wear anything real tight, with I hope some darts and maybe some seam adjustments.  I did go by the thrift shop on my way to the hospital to see my husband who was there for 4 days last week due to a sinus infection that got out of control.   I spent 30 minutes trying on my denim and broomstick skirts so I would have something on my legs since I am always cold in the air conditions along with long sleeves also. At home, I just wear shorts and T-shirts so I wanted to wear a warmer outfit.   They were having a summer sale and I got a nice Denim skirt and glittered shirt for $1.68. I sure can't beat that price anywhere else. I even just wore the skirt I had tried on and just took the masking tape tag to the register. Size 8, I just can't believe it, I have not been that small since my high school years.
Well, it will be nice for evening and cooler weather.

Back to tearing up clothing and fabric linens also. I bought a lot of sheets at the Alabama thrift shops I frequented way too much!  I have lots of florals and shabby chic cottage sheets and pillow cases and shams.
Even Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashely, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne and other designer names on fabrics were not hard to find. I have been trying to identify the design name associated with them in case anyone had a set they needed to add more too or, just wanted to add different fabric styles to their sofas, beds, clothing, anything with that style in mind for use as is or to tear up and make recycled upcycled projects.

Many of them I will list as is first and if not selling I will start tearing. I have several lamp shade wire frames to make shades for and I want to use lace and maybe burlap with the fabrics. I will just make it up as I go along as I always do.  I can't start with a design in concrete as I just feel my way through a project. Is that the way you also work on your art and altered upcycled projects?

I recently was invited from my Etsy Vintage shop " frstyfrolk" to join the Etsy Pickers and Sellers Team and it looks like many fun items will be found here. Maybe you should also join and check them out. I can definitely answer "YES" to all the applicable questions to join.  I will also join as my "ByLightOfMoon" shop with nature supplies, fabrics, and mixed media art.

I just saw the invitation as I was checking my shop for item details on my fabric strips and rusty crusty bed spring coils.

Speaking of burlap, I saw the new Magnolia Pearl Plantation Lookbook today when I checked my mail. Her new line is for the upcoming event in Texas at the Marburger Farm event in October.   I shared it on my frstyfrolk facebook page for you too if we are friends there.

Have a wonderful week and try to stay dry,but we do need this rain coming as I have been hand watering my garden and it needs a good soaking.  I better get busy so I would appreciate any comments from your thoughts and let me know of your blogs and shops on-line.

Smiles, Cyndi


sharon said...

very interesting on many levels

Becca Althouse said...

sounds like perfect weather for what you are doing!