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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peace Rings Listed and Gardening Fun!

I volunteered to work with the Georgia Appalachian Ehtnobotanic (the study of native plants at the gardens) Gardens in Blairsville, GA as a tour guides this summer and a work volunteer learning and keeping the gardens native.  I learned a lot yesterday about many plants just by being there to weed and help re-plant.  Oh, the lavender and lemon balm smelled so lovely and I can hardly wait for another workday.
And, when done for the day, I brought home some raspberry trees and Jack-in-the-Pulpit plants to plant here today. I must go get some good Mother Earth soil for them.  

My Moss garden is also growing, I have started on our bare earth hillside by the side of the house with a moss garden, expanding it as I get more mosses and I got reindeer moss for Easter to dye colors maybe and added it to help with soil erosion.  Something needs to grow on the hillside to keep the mud from flowing down to the water spicket. 

The dogs come home muddy quite a bit and must get a bath before coming inside the house. I am not sure where they get in it but while walking one day, Emma swam across the pond and played in the creek with Bailey but Bailey will not get his feet in the pond, he just gets a drink carefully. He doesn't want to get inside. I  do finally declare the pond full as it has been so low all winter but the spring rains have filled it up again and it is beautiful.

 I originally got the reindeer moss and added it to the ground moss garden but I think I may move it to the hillside as the dogs should not walk on it. It takes a long time to heal when they do  I learned as I researched it. I also learned yesterday to not step in the gardens and  to use the stepping stones when weeding and there were many leaves fallen to remove. I was with a wonderful guide who helped me learn and I was full of questions and also worked with another volunteer.

 We are seeing new birds at the bird feeders and new buds are sprouting everywhere. I saw a dogwood tree across the road from us and around the forest. The maple beside our house is also falling new growth all over the deck. I love the little wings it puts out.

The cherry trees are blooming in the surrounding area and are just fabulous. We don't have them on the mountain I live on. The pear trees are also beautiful! 

 I have been working on my birds on a spring and my fairy house. The roof got kind of out of hand as I tried to cover the air holes between the green stripe fungus I used as I did not want to break it. I think if  I define the front door a little bit it will look better and I will put in it in my fairy garden.

I also got my vintage peace rings added to my etsy store, the Vintage Shop,"  (Frstyfrolk's Boutique)"
This is my sister shop to "ByLightOfMoon handmade and supplies shop". 

My shabby roses strip fabric was added to the most beautiful treasury of Shabby Chic meetsUnique by Blue RoseRetro . She has a lovely etsy shop!

Thanks for looking at my blog post, I love sharing what I have been up too!
Smiles, Cyndi


Dragonfly Treasure said...

The cherry tree is gorgeous! I wish I had a shaded area where mosses would grow. When we lived in Alaska it was so beautiful to see spagnum moss growing everywhere. When you buy it in the store you don't think of it as a 'real' plant.
Reindeer moss is so pretty. I can only imagine what it looks like actually growing.
Love the look of your fairy house and your birdies are so cute!

Dani said...

your moss garden will be so cool....we have no, no moss here at all..just too dry and hot so I'm intrigued. love the little birdies also...hugs from California

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Tipper said...

Cyndi glad you're learning so much-and enjoying the Spring too : )