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Friday, March 9, 2012

My treasures!

I thought I would share with you today some of my treasures!  I am a collector and I saw on TV this morning about the New "Oprah" magazine about clutter and hoarders.  I guess I fit into both categories as I do save way too many things than we have room for in our new cabin that may well be the last home we ever have.

I do need to rid myself of so many things!  These photos are of some things I can NEVR get rid of and I treasure with all my heart!  My Mother used to paint on china as her hobby. She made so many items, and she was so good at it. She is good at everything she attempts and now is focusing on quilting and appliqué.   She made all of this jewelry in this case I found at the thrift store. It is a shadow box with glass lid. I need to adhere them to this box or wear them. I used to wear all of it in the 1970's, 80's and 90's. It just seems today that I keep three necklaces on all the time. I never take them off. I do occasionally wear another longer necklace over them that hang longer, but even earrings are getting caught on tree limbs as I explore the woods I cannot stay away from. I had some hoops in my second ear hole and finally had to take them off. I do always wear the diamond studs my husband gave me many years ago and they have always been on, so I got second holes for my other earrings that I changed out a lot, depending on what I was wearing or going!  In Alabama it seems I always dressed up more than now. Living n the woods and being home much home, I am much more casual everyday plus I am getting older and just don't go out to so many places as we live about 100 miles from any large city, like Atlanta, Chattanooga, or Ashville. We do have several small towns nearby that provide our needs but do not run to Michaels, Joanne's, or Hobby Lobby anymore. I get the coupons and they used to burn a hole in my pocket.

Anyway, here are some photos of the Jewelry my Mother has painted for me, she made rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings, stick pins, and lots of china plates, trays, and dishes, etc.

You can see how she advanced over the years in her china painting. Her green flowers paintings were some of her first paintings. Note the ring out of the ring holder china oval that has a carrot and one-half a carrot on it, she gave that ring to my daughter when she was around 7-8 years old. Also the little blue bird ring is my daughter's.

I don't take very good pictures but I love these so much. But, some things I love I have to offer in my Etsy shop!  I was straightening my dresser one day while looking for the vintage Peace rings I used to wear. I am going to list them for sale as I do not wear them and what went around has come back around now.

They are very sentimental to me, the Pink Peace Symbol is a ring given to me by a guy I dated and it opens to hold a special message inside. The other gold Peace ring I just got at a hippie shop I guess as I really don't remember.  They used to be all over and I wore a lot of clothing that represented those times n my life. I guess I am still a hippie or gypsy and could wear them but maybe someone else can enjoy them better.  The purple Bling was a ring I wore also just everyday with my jeans and clogs almost like the ones coming around again today. Maybe not quite as high in the heels! Darn, I would break my neck in the ones today.  The other Ankh ring was very special to me as a very good friend of mine came it to me one might while we were out clubbing. We used to go clubbing a lot to listen to wonderful bands and be together if not at home with a crowd and partying at home.  Anyway, the Ankh used to belong to Billy Preston he told me, he traveled with several bands in the day and was a roadie along with his brother.  I wore it and had yarn on the inside to make it fit better as it was too big for my fingers but I love it so much, I also used to have a wood Ankh hanging on our wall at home but I suppose we lost it in our home auction after 911 in Seattle.  It was a World Bazaar, Cost Plus, and Pier One like store, but before they existed.  Anyway, I also need to money!  We are living on Social Security like we never expected, things have changed so much in our lives. Please plan better for your retirement and never take your health for granted. I guess I preach this way to much but it is so important.

I will take better photos before listing them in my 

I was reading in a library magazine about birds and nesting and it said to leave out stings and fabrics for the birds to make their nests from so I filled my suet feeder with leftover strings to re-cycle for the birds and we have many at our feeders, including the squirrels. 

Here also is a photos of a field of turkeys and goats I see frequently here. 

And my cat Lily is a tree climber
 Here is the moss terrarium I have my by my rocking chair on the front porch. The glass holder is a re-cycled up-cycled misting bowl from the thrift store. 

Thanks for reading and commenting! 
Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

I Love your Moss terrarium and the little chairs you have in it. I gave most of my jewelry to Nellie and just kept a few items. I have a charm bracelet that has special charms on it and a string of pearls that #1 son bought me. I am always careful about what I sell because once it is gone I can never get it back so make sure you won't miss what you sell. There is nothing wrong with being what is called a hoarder if it makes you happy

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Nancy for your nice comment! I adore the little fairy garden chairs also. I found them at a plant shop who was closing the fountain section they had them in and I was in the day that I bought all they had on sale. I do intend to use them in my moss gardens as they are growing all over my yard and home. I am covering a hillside we have to be a fairy land site.

Yes, I will be careful what I sell as I really am at the point in my life,I see no need for all my fancy jewelry, most of it is costume that I will sell, but My Mother's hand painted will be my daughter's one day as I never would sell it. I may find ways to display it in my mixed media some how and have it displayed, but I have no idea yet how.

My hippie jewelry have many memories but I will have the memories anyway so OK to let them go. I am having trouble getting good photos of it is why it is not yet listed. But, I Am working on it.

I appreciate your stopping by and offering your advice, it is always welcomed. Nellie will be lucky to have your pieces and I know she will treasure them!
Smiles, Cyndi

Lori said...

She did do a beautiful job painting. You have some lovely pieces. I'm glad I found your blog, so I'm a new follower. I would love if you stopped by and followed back, so we can stay connected. Lori