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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easter Baskets

I purchased this special Easter Basket Present and I wanted to share it with you for your children's baskets.

It has a basket of jelly beans wrapped in plastic and attached is the "Jelly Bean Prayer Poem" for your children to read and enjoy along with a small basket of jelly beans.

You could pass them out to your Sunday school class or school friends; even add them to your Easter Egg Hunt as they are wrapped in plastic.

I think it is wonderful and just wanted to share!  Does your child have an Easter Bonnet; I remember getting a very Special Dress, Bonnet Hat and White Gloves along with New Shoes as a child for Easter Sunday and the Easter egg hunt.

Our local community Center in Warne, NC is having an Easter Egg Hunt for the children in the surrounding communities this year and I plan to attend and just be in awe of the children hunting for the planted eggs by the Warne Community Center Members.  They insert a gold and silver dollar coin in each age group's hunt and I think this is a wonderful idea for making it even more special fun. This is our first Easter in North Carolina and I enjoy the sense of community here as we have a pot luck dinner each 4th Tuesday of the month and we never know how many will attend or what will be on the buffet. Many of the Community members live here part time in their vacation homes, even in our neighborhood. Many of the homes are second homes for so many people here that plan to retire here one day. I am so glad we did this also.

Small community living is as new to us as I barely knew my neighbors back in Alabama. SO many people worked and never really got out except to mow their yards and even that was a hired service for many people so we never got to really know each other. Things are so different in these mountains!

I hope you enjoy making these little baskets for your children. My daughter is grown but I still may send her by mail an Easter basket. Last year her basket was really a Two (2)  quart pitcher and I put a Lemonade packet in it along with her candy goodies.  I remember always getting socks or Barbie clothes in my baskets as a child; they were not just for eggs and candy!  Yours don't have to be either, include some pencils and a paper game or coloring book.

We do make handmade  "Recycled Crayola Paw Prints"  that would be nice in your Easter Basket you make too. They are in my Etsy Shop "ByLightOfMoon" and I am happy to ship however many in quantity you like.  It is not too early to start gathering your Easter Basket Supplies.

Smiles, Cyndi 

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, you are loaded with great ideas! I have never lived in a small community either, I think it would be so nice!