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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peace to You and my Giveaway Arrived!

I received my 5th Anniversary Giveaway Treasure from Dawn at  The Feathered Nest! Oh, it is even more beautiful in my house! The detail is amazing and Dawn is one beautiful artist! I so appreciate it and I still can't believe I won from 78 comments, But,  I very much appreciate it!  I just love reading her blog, she shares her ideas for creams colors. Her nature mixed media is awesome and beautiful! She shared so many vintage images and her grand-daughter Clara growing up on her farm.  I cherish her as a friend and blogger to love to read her blog for inspiration and just good mental floss! She also has a beautiful Etsy shop!

I also found this blog about" The Peace Globe" and I have to be a part of it.  I am a junker and collector and it has not left my system. In fact, the other day I went by several plastic bags of trash on the side of the road and I had passed it many times as I left our neighborhood  road to the main highway. We have country two- lanes roads everywhere here with curves and bends that follow the lay of the land. It used to be the main highway to connect several towns. Well, one day last week, I stopped to collect it and throw it away myself as we do have garbage pick-up at our house. I just could not believe folks throw it by the side of the road when we do have a landfill and they already had it in the vehicle. Well, I stopped and immediately a lady stopped in her truck to ask me if I needed help. People are so friendly here. I told her I just was going to see if the trash had a name in it for the sheriff and she said; "Great Going" to me!

Anyway, when I touched the plastic bags they just fell apart in my hands and I found 6 bags of "Old Irish Rose" bottles. We do not have glass recycling here anywhere that I know of, so I just brought them home to use for my mixed media bottles. It is just  more stuff I have dragged home.

 My husband says: " When am I going to quit?  I guess I never can! I just put them under our deck for storage and back in the yard behind a tree.  I will have to move the tree bottles as they are visible from the road and makes us look trashy.  I hope I can use them to make something better and someone will appreciate them.  I have made a terrarium with one and several have very large openings to really get inside for a terrarium to be made, or maybe a fairy jar! We will have to see how I can use them.

Oh, I wandered from the PEACE event in November. please visit my side bar icons for more information. Add this to your blog and we will all blog for peace and especially on November 4, 2012, with Dona nobis pacem...grant us peace from Mimi's Blog. 

Peace to you everyday! 
Smiles, Cyndi


Nita Jo said...

Your roadside find had me smiling. My mom was a great one for picking up "treasures" from the side of the road. And she always did turn the trash into a treasure. Look forward to seeing what you create with them!

Dani said...

Cyndi, what a pretty blog background you have...something new? its lovely....and yes, sometimes you can find treasures in trash...will be looking forward to what you create...those large jars make great sun tea jars if nothing else..I have one I use.

Cinderella Moments said...

You could definitely dress those bottles up with a bit of ribbons, tag and some trinket. I love the fairy jar idea too! Glad to see you are keeping yourself busy. Have fun!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great finds, even if unexpected.I stop when I see bags or piles people have dumped. I have found some awesome things! Love to scavenge ;)

Tipper said...

The giveaway you won is just lovely! And you already know I like the bottle too : )