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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

true-blue & tragic. |

I got an email from my friends in Texas, the "Junk Gypsies" and I had to sit right down and share their enthuseam and frolic with my memories!

true-blue & tragic. |

What a fabulous trip we had with our inaugural trip in our new/old vintage 1963 Shasta camper when visiting the "Antiques week at Round Top, Texas" and meeting the Junk Gypsies, their children and Moma and Pop! Also, I can't forget Ashlyn too! Your tent and Prom was the most magical place and time to be for us, (my husband "Bob", me, and our Golden Retriever, "Emma"! Your welcoming me by name just blew me away and your sweet attitudes are just like your blog, so Full of Frolic and Fun times!

I walked as far as I could and then had to rest the Event is sooooo BIG! But, I kept going to see and experience all I could for the whole event and we also drove down to see the fantastic Church's around Schulenburg,Freyburg and La Grange. TX. The blue bonnets were blooming everywhere and I discovered the round balls of moss on the trees and fallen so I also was able collect FREE stuff to take home as well.

We met so many fabulous people and our campground.Even Magnolia Pearl had her trailer there and we met her and I even splurged on an outfit and her book as well and your book from Country Living. I still wear my clothes from you(the Junk Gypsies)and use my drink cozies, and Junk Queen bag that everyone admires. I also even met and got books signed from "Sue Whitney" of Junk Beautiful! Another sweet soul was "Fancy" from Catcus Creek Daily as well and visited the Art Gallery in Round Top to love our new wind chimes and the "Royer Pies" are as good and delightful as anyone can say! Zapp Hall is awesome!!!!!

I need to pay my pro account on flickr to see all my photos from Texas uploaded there. First I have to get some money!

I do think all of you should try to go if you love Junk'in! Don;t make the tragic mistack of missing this event that happens twice a year.

Now, on another page I had my first craft show last weekend and we had so much fun. There were two alpaca's there from " One Touch of Heaven" from Warne, N.C. and I got to meet them and visited almost all day long. I could not keep away from them. They hummed so sweetly and I really need to get myself a pair off socks from them. They sure are soft and everyone says that I probably could wear them with my neuropathy as I can't wear most socks and even closed toe shoes, but this winter here in North Carolina I need something on my feet to keep warm and they may the just the thing!

It was a small country Fall Festival in Warne, N.C. with music, even a plunger was played call a flowbee! They had a spagetti dinner and played horseshoes and corn hole. An auction was held for crafting items and I got a Barnwood frame handmade with a Conway Twitty record album in the frame. I plan to change out the record with a family photo or maybe a nature photo I have taken.

Also this wee my cat "Lilly" was fooling around with a black racer snake which really freaked me out. It was striking toward here and she is fearless so I had to intervene and fortunately I had a BIG shovel nearby. It may have been cruel and mean but I slammed it down n the snake's neck. My husband got the gun and he thought I would be in the next county as I fear snakes terribly but I also love my Lilly Beth a lot too.
. I didn't want her bit or hurt and I know nothing about snakes but that I fear them. I googled it to find out the breed of it as it had a while belly and solid black topside. It also was very long!

I have been planting the garden plants I brought back from Birmingham, AL and I hope they survive the winter here. We have so much clay in our soil here but digging is so much fun to discover what stone will turn up in my shovel and pick. They just break apart with a lot of green shiny shale and red color also. I will have to take them somewhere and see what they really are. I met a lady that wants to be a "rockhound buddy" and go see what we can find together in searching the area for gold and rubies. Maybe we will get lucky one day. That would sure help us out and I also LOVE to search the glorious mica on the stones here to see more and learn about these gems

I have so many things to talk about but I better get busy with this house. We are still trying to settle in from the move which I think may take forever! I want to go to the Friday craft market in Blairesville this week and also get back to Decker's Flea Market on Saturday. I also want to talk to Jackie in Brasstown at her "Carolina Crafting" studio. I really need to sell some craft items or household things from my consignment shops to get some extra money.

See you again later,
Smiles, Cyndi

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nancy huggins said...

Wow Cyndi..Sounds like you had a great trip and I don't blame you for killing the snake..Happy that you changed your blog so I can leave comments :)