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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moving to North Carolina

My goodness it has been a busy month! We are moving but did not really start packing till we got the lease agreement and that wasted a couple of weeks. We had to make sure it was a livable lease for us and they did change a few things for us we had agreed to previously.

This will be a much smaller house for us and my workroom will be the whole upstairs as it is unfinished. and THAT will be more room for me! I am really looking forward to that. We have wanted to move there since we started pet-sitting almost 10 years ago. We fell in love with the area and I sure hope it is cooler than this heat wave in Alabama.

We packed in the garage yesterday and the heat index was 108 here. It is a good thing I did not sit down to read the newspaper headlines until last night , as it said to curtail outside activities. Oh yes, we can wait till next week. Not, the moving van will be here Saturday, and I still have so much packing to do.

I am amazed how I have been a pack rat here and everyone is saying how are you going to get it all in that truck. Well, we may not, we plan to return with a trailer the following weekend to get the rest and I hope one trip will make it. Maybe that will encourage me to give it away.

I hope to really have more time now to spend on my crafting and learn more about what I love. Goodness knows, I have enough supplies! I did just get the last two books last week with my 40% coupons, the book of "Stamping Metal Jewelry" and "Tim Holtz Curiosities". I know I will love reading them as I will keep them out with my bedside book for easy access.

I have put several new sidebar sites on my blog because I want to be able to find them when we get the computers set back up. We will have to get Hughesnet as we are in the mountains and remote compared to what we are used to. It even has a weekly newspaper instead of daily. That my husband will miss every day!

But, I plan plenty of porch time. It has a three side porch around the house, fabulous!

Our cabin in the woods is exciting to us! We used to go hiking in the Smoky Mountains and North Georgia and always loved it. Just so peaceful and quiet. I hope we can start walking more than we have been. My husbands hip and my feet are both problems for us as we have had medical problems the last 10 years, Oh My, has it been that long? Well, it does seem like forever compared to when we lived in Washington State and hiked everywhere and walked long distances. There was always something outdoors going on there and there is in these mountains also.

So, I will be closing my Etsy and Bonanza shops for now until we get the computers back up and going and also locating and unpacking my on-line listed goods. And my, I will have so much more to list as I will have gone through almost everything.

I will be back and maybe posting on facebook with my husbands I-Pod soon and I hope on this computer again next week sometime after it is all set up again. I know that will be his first duty as well as the TV satalitte hook-up. Everything has been scheduled, now for it to all go smoothly.

See you again soon!
Smiles, Cyndi


Regina said...

Cyndi...sounds as though you are starting a wonderful new adventure. I just know that you will be so happy!! Wish this Bama gal was close enough to help ya pack..I would!!!


Cinderella Moments said...

Oh, Cyndi! What a cute little house!!! Are you going to have fun decorating it or what!! Lucky you. Have a great move and may everything go smoothly.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for your comments Regina and Caroline, My help has done a fabulous job of packing! Crossing my fingers but, nothing broken so far.
I do love it here and most free down time and resting time has been right on the front porch which I adore.... It is hot in the sun but the shade and a fan make it wonderful.

My crafting room will be upstairs as it is all unfinished but has the shower and tub and sinks just unconnected. The owners never finished what they started and we are renting, maybe buy it later if nothing by the creek found that we can afford.
There is a dragonfly pond down my the gate and mailboxes, I and go sit by and my pet sitting friends have the river available to me anytime so I am "Over The Moon" Happy!
Smiles, Cyndi

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

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