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Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting moved is a Pain, especially in July!

Sorry I have not blogged in a couple of weeks. It has been very, very busy every day with packing, getting the moving truck loaded and my daughter brought my "Daisy" 1963 Shasta trailer for me. She and her husband did so much for us and were so MUCH help to us; I don't think we could have done it without them.

We arrived here about midnight and the gravel roads were so bad and getting to the house was really a tremendous effort. We were all tired and just spent with all that had been happening, so we called the - Haul unpacking men and asked them to wait a day to give us time to really think, "Is this want we want to do and where we want to be"? We really were having doubts! They had moved the weeds like a hayfield and the stones driveway was very easy to turn your ankle on. I have to wear sandals with my Neuropathy and you really need shoes and socks here. Sturdy ones!

We sat on the porch all day Sunday and had pro's and con's. I knew I did NOT want to return to Birmingham, AL. I have never felt like home there but my daughter grew up there. I do LOVE these mountains and feel serene here so we were already here and knew we wanted to stay. Next, to decide if this was the house we wanted? We loved the house but it IS a one bedroom and one bath and we had 3 bedrooms and two baths in Alabama. This house also does not have a bathtub. It is upstairs were the owner stopped building and the tub, shower floor, double vanity, doors, molding, etc. are all on the upstairs attic area. One reason to look for a used hot tub! Anyway, we said this house is big enough for two people and our rescue animals; we just need to down-size so bad. And this is very hard for me to do, especially since we had to lose so many belongings after 911 happened to auction and my husband lost his job, not to find another one.

It is especially hard to me to give up my books, music, and knick-knacks that I have gathered many places we have visited. I also have become a crafting supplies goddess. I could open a store and have enough for any crafting need. But, I have so much money invested in them, now is the time to TAKE TIME and spend using them and creating mixed media art. I have so many items to begin with and probably will find I do not care for some crafting projects I think I want to do, but I want to try.

Time is something I hope to have access to spend better on projects like reading and being creative. At least I want to use my time better for things other than always moving something around to try to make more room. I still have several truckloads at home and will have to decide what to do with it. Many things I really still need, I think! I have my record albums I have been recumulating, CD's, and DVD's. Also I could make a whole truckload trip with my backyard plants. After finding many were hard to replace, I cherish them now and am harder to let them go and cannot be replaced. I will just have to look at what I listen to and watch as my tastes have changed back to the old good time rock and roll of the 80's and 90's. And some are hard to find. I loved Walter Egan, "Magnet and Steel" and it is way too expensive on Amazon for me to afford. Also Bob Welsh and " Sentimental Lady". Just a couple off the top of my head. I thought I had the CD but have been unable to find it. My husband just buys a song on ITunes and books on kindle but I like a book just like my music. Give the it to hold in my hand and read the liner notes or the record holder paper.
We did take a day off last week before we made our second trip back to AL to get another truck load, just a small U-Haul. We went to the Georgia Mountain Fair that attracts folks from all over and the cabin rentals are the busiest time of year according to our realtor. Of course, we had cabin problems to get fixed. We had no water filter and the water smelled of rotten eggs. YUK! We do have our own well here and it does take funny to me even after getting it repaired and installed. The icemaker was not anywhere near a water line, the previous folks used bagged ice our realtor said! How is that? Anyway, we brought our own refrigerator because of the door ice access and they moved the one that was her to the upstairs so now I DO have two refrigerators. It will be nice to keep things for the winter snow inns'. They had two 8 inch snowfalls here last year and no one gets anywhere for a few days. We will just have to not need to go anywhere I hope!

I loaded a few of the photos of the fair and house to my flicker account" frstyfrolk" as it is so easy to work with. I still have more fair photos to upload but I am getting there. The Hughes satellite is slower than I am used to having.

I unpacked the second trailer load yesterday after a least getting it on the front porch the day we arrived so we could return the trailer. WE did have to get a wreaker to come and pull the trailer up the hills here in our subdivision. At least it was a very reasonable charge of $40.00, not the $150.oo charged to us in Arkansas last year!

I added to my flicker albums" NC Cabin" and "Carnivals and Fairs".

Our neighbor has been a very nice welcome here, she brought us a kitty balloon and a plant birdhouse to welcome us and then even a flag with lavender on it. I do love lavender plants and the color purple.

Till next time, I need more coffee!
Smiles, Cyndi

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