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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Quality Linens and Beddings to sell in my Bonanza shop

I am not sure the years these styles of Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger Linens and Bedding's were popular and released so I am listing them in my Bonanza shop, frstyfrolk's DragonflyzDreams instead of my Vintage Etsy shop.

They are all in excellent condition of I have pointed out any minor flaws in the listings I will do.  I have taken photos, and I have been trying to identify the pattern names which is a lengthy process.  I Have found as I collected them that I have several pieces of several sets that may help someone complete their set or add to their bedroom just as a fresh set of pieces and it may match or just be Shabby Chic and Bohemian and be a mix and match fun floral or checks and dots! Whatever!  Everyone has a  style of their own. Myself, I never buy two matching lamps when their are so many to choose from and I see many bedding sets that look new  or/are barely used as I believe that is one room people change around a lot.

I also like my china to  mix and match, along with most things in my home. I am just a stager I think in my heart. I like to make displays and show fun odd or even balance in making a good Feng Shui feel about things.

This is just part of what I have to list, I also have many off label brands but still just as beautiful which I purchased them as individual pieces some sets and pairs and some individual pieces.  Mix and Match, I love to change things round. Do you?

Thanks for reading my blog and please feel good to comment and let me know how you also think.


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