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Friday, April 29, 2011

My Gulf Coast Mini Vacation

I just returned from a mini vacation to the Gulf Coast Beach and camping trip. The main reason for the trip was to see one of my favorite music groups, "Kansas". They played Saturday night at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS.  I have adored this band since the beginnings of them in early 1970's and our road trips to see them in Atlanta, GA at " Alex Cooley's Ballroom" on Peachtree Street across from the Fox Theatre and under the Georgian Terrace Building. They are celebrating their 35th year of making music together. I really missed Kerry Livgren  who I heard had a stroke and is making a fabulous but slow recovery. My prayers are with him to heal! He wrote many of the band's songs and played keyboards.  The lead singer; Steve Walsh did double duty playing keyboards and singing. I have spent many years loving his voice and songs!

 Robbie Steinhardt, who played violin retired and ??? played the fiddle on this fabulous evening.  The whole group has been wonderful entertainment to me through the years and their songs are an experience! I believe everyone in the audience was just enchanted with their show! They did one encore and had a standing ovation in a packed house. I hope the return again one day too!

Instead of a T- Shirt Souvenir I got a Signed Picture of the group together which I will frame and cherish!

I also had never really been in a casino that had all kinds of play. I did go to one with my friend Claudia in Arkansas a few years back and we drove to Oklahoma for a day of metal game button pushing.  I found I do not want to spend the time needed to learn to play the games or dealer cards, etc. 

I would rather just get back to making what I can with my mixed media and getting this abode cleaned out with things I no longer need.  I have been collecting so many things for so long now, it is ridiculous to have so much and unused too. No time, no time!

I did collect some media at the beach, small broken pieces of shells and a lot of bird feathers no longer needed so I can use them in something I am sure. The surf was very aggressive and beach flag warnings to not get in the water, special signal flags of purple over red along with sighting of Portugease Man of war stingings reported. I did get stung many years ago while walking the beach at night so I do respect that and it can make for a miserable experience after getting stung so I did not get in the water like I used too and I missed that.
I did walk the beach just looking at all that was washed ashore and always looking for anything unusual. I have never looked much at bones or dead sea life but much had washed ashore in Biloxi that I carried my big stick to see. I did find several strange piece and even one bone we had seen at the souvineer store across the street earlier.

When we got there and I put on my swimsuit, I found I had lost a lot of weight and I had to go get some souvenir buttons for the shoulders; to pin the material doubled up to be able to wear it without the shoulder straps being a super bad nuisance. It worked out OK. The bone I found just looked unusual to me so I showed it to my husband and he recognized it as a boxed item we saw when shopping. They called it " Jesus On the Cross" and is a catfish bone. It was an incredible find especially for Easter weekend too. 

We Googled it to find the Legend of the Crucifix Fish meaning for the bone and the explanation is here. 
The Legend of the Crucifix Fish
Of all the fishes in the sea our Lord Jesus Christ chose the Gafftopsail catfish to remind us of his misery
His body on the cross is outlined, The hilt of the sword which was plunged into his side is clearly defined.
Look at the back of the fishes bone where the Roman shield is shown.
When you shake it you will hear the dice being tossed for our Lords blood stained dress.
It is said those who hold this image of Jesus will be blessed with good fortune and protection from harm.
The Crucifix Fish Bone
is something found in nature and some say are not really rare
they are found ONLY in certain areas
about 1/2 of 1% of the worlds coastline from Aruba to North Carolina
I consider that rare
In reality it is the Gaff Top Sail Cat Fish
 I plan to make an alter for it with mixed media, I had no idea it was so rare WOW, I found this beach walking! The area had many people and I guess it was just ignored and waiting for me to find it. I did not win the lottery or at the casino that evening though. But, I do love it and will cherish this find.

When back at home we had severe tornados all around us yesterday, April 27, 2011 and many people have been hurt, way to many deaths and lost homes and communities.  I guess I am fortunate that my family is OK. They went all around us all day yesterday!

Thanks for reading and Blessings to you.
Smiles, Cyndi

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