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Friday, March 25, 2011

We just returned from the river in North Carolina

  We have been to the river house in North Carolina where we pet sit. The owners were home but invited us up anyway just to have a nice fun trip at the river.  We did!  It was wonderful weather; it was so lovely with the screen open and hearing the rushing river in my dreams. As normal, I collected and collected my precious river gatherings. I have some bottles I will use for much of the ideas I have in my mind.You will see as soon as I finish some!

  I also took some embroidery thread and some linen (well, like my whole stash)! I have to be able to choose my color as I work and it was only a primitive tree I started on as we stayed so busy I did not have a lot of time to devote to it.

We did see some cabin rentals in the newspaper up there and went to look at two. One on a stream (fine by me) and another, a log cabin on top of a mountain. Oh, as much as I want a stream, we opted to rent the log cabin on the mountain for more room and much newer home. In fact, the other stream house was a gift; the price was for the land and the older home, but really to build on later. We can't right now but maybe later.  They would have rented the house for now too but we just did not like the flooring, it was unstable in many places and I like my floor to be firm. 

We have not yet signed any paperwork, but I have got to get started cleaning out this house we live n now to even be able to put my thoughts together. SO, onward I go! I figured maybe I would" die waiting for tomorrow to come" if I did not go ahead with our "love plan" to move to the area when retired!

We also had the river ceremony for our late dog, "Jordan". We have had his ashes just waiting to return him to the site he loved to play and swim in the water. Now, he is with Megan and Ally whose ceremony we had in 2008.  I cannot believe it has been so long ago we lost them. I still cannot talk of any of them without crying.  I have tears in my eyes now. My husband has the Ceremony on his iPhone I have not seen yet.

Abby and Emma Swimming
Abby and Emma towards Geese

Emma and Abby loved to swim and play in the water and chase the geese (they thought) they never got close!  The geese and mallards we saw know that plan and swim away until the dogs turn around and return to shore.  Bailey never got his feet in the water; he bowed to get a drink but was not quite ready to take the plunge. He will, in time!  

Emma and Bailey getting a drink of water

 The Girls
Maggie and Abby

I took the photo as we left Abby back with her family after riding with us while on errands.
They were watching us leave to come back home to Alabama.
Maggie on the left is one beautiful Rescue Delta Society Golden Retriever ( about 10)  and Abby is the same age as Emma,( three)  a rescue also from the Golden Retriever is Atlanta

We also went the see the other River House our friends own that they rent. It is Bliss! It has a backyard river stream and built - in steps I would live on! Inches from the river I would sit and dream listening to the bucketing of the water splashing on the stones in the river as it flows over the rocks with a good current. They even had waders to wear while fly fishing! I never have tried but hey, Maybe? Why not! I will one day!  Who would have ever thought I would want to fish? Well, just to be warm in the water would be nice. 

Now that we are back home, I will be going through all my collections of vintage  linens, fabrics, new and pre-owned table top knick knacks, books, vintage magazines, etc. 

I have a box of aprons and doilies,several boxes of Laura Ashley bedding, and just nice vintage collected also.  I have retro, shabby, CLEAN, and in fabulous condition; many items I will be listing and selling probably in box lots or at an auction locally. 

I sat down one morning when I awoke early in the dark still outside on Eastern time and started at my front door listing what I see in my head while I was still in N.C.  I envisioned the table and lamp, the next items and so on, and on. 

I had four pages of just by the wall items. No way, will this house hold all of that. We will have to get a storage shed but I sure wish it had a basement. Well, this means, I also can't move it up there so , "Move it on out"! 

I better get busy as the light is out back in Birmingham now and  it is 9:30 AM. Better get busy! 

Smiles, Cyndi



Dawn said...

Great story Cyndi.

I just lost my beloved 13 yr. old German Shepherd in February, and I am not even close to being over his passing. It's never easy losing our furkids. Wish they had longer life spans like we do. Your pups were beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi!
Thanks for the visit and for sharing your adventures and all about your goldens. I used to have golden retrievers as well and always say, they are the absolute sweetest dogs on earth!
Hope you have a blessed week!