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Monday, March 28, 2011

March is Etsy Cottage Style Color" Green" for Blogs

Green is a fabulous color to profile for this month as the weather starts getting warm here in Alabama. The landscape is turning colors again with new buds on the trees, many flowers have already bloomed and the wysteria is awesome now with last month's color purple.

My rose bush is budding out and my clematis is vining! I am trying to detach all of the vines so I can hopefully move many of my plants when we move to another state next month if plans go right.  They grow along our fence with the many old bed springs I have along with various doors and windows. What will I do with all of this? The landscape we move to is barren, no one has done anything with the landscaping. Oh, I also have planted bamboo that I adore growing. I love to watch it blow in the breezes.

Anyway, to get to my green color, I have a fabulous green teapot and plate I found thrifting one day. It has a dragonflies pattern  that I collect!  I adored them at first sight and grabbed them before anyone else could. I also searched around to see if any more of it, but none.

I have a Vintage Bridge Tablecloth in my frstyfrolk Boutique on etsy and it is a lovely green with red and black embroidery.
Vintage Handmade Bridge Game Tablecloth

Then, I also have some of the fabulous Rosie B. Farmer retired pattern in my Bonanza shop, frstyfrolk's Boutique! It is not vintage enough for Etsy I did not think, but, I do have to move it out.  It is based on old barkcloth patterns with beautiful shabby birds and flowers! I wish I had a beautiful cabinet to display them in. It also comes in baby blue, raspberry and black!  These are muffin plates! I also have a cream color sugar and creamer

Rosie B. Farmer Muffin Plate 
I also have some glass shamrocks! They could be used for stained glass, wrapped glass or whatever you desire in my Etsy ByLightOfMoon supplies shop! 

Another thing, I also have fabulous Laura Ashley linens and this is the Rosemoor pattern, Pillow Shams. I have a pair of them. I had them on ebay and are now at my Auctiva Commerce shop, frstyfrolk's Boutique.
Laura Ashley Rosemoor Pillow Sham Button Back - Pair

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy GREEN month! I do Recycle, Reuse and Upcycle all I can! 

I was recently in an Etsy treasury with my ByLightOfMoon Handmade shop with my Southern Hempshire Globe Floor Lamp. I also have the Northern Hemisphere Table Lamp in my same shop! 

Smiles, Cyndi


Melody said...

Hi Cyndi! So glad you came by for Cottage Color Party! Love your Greens, but I must say I am partial to that vintage card tablecloth.

The Mistress of the Manor said...

Hi Cyndi! I am so glad that I stopped by your blog! I can't decide if it makes me want to go shopping, get everything in order around here or both! Will have to check out your etsy shop ;)

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bes53913 said...

It must be so hard to leave your wonderful garden. Enjoyed checking out your blog!

Artfully Musing said...

Hi Cyndi, What fabulous finds. Just stopping by to checkout your blog and to become a follower. Laura

Pandora said...

Just visiting from Alpha Stamps - Love the photos and love those lamps!

gayl said...

Saw your post just now in Alpha Stamps mail, so I had to jump on over and take a look! Love thrifting and am so jealous of your dragonfly teapot!!! Signing up to follow your blog so I can see what goodies you find! :0) gayl

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous photos, its barely starting to warm up here so the green is so refreshing!
hugs Lynn

Candy said...

So happy to see that I won Dawn's lovely nest and it was full of new following peeps! Welcome to my little world. I love funky junk and those globe lamps are great.
Hugs and Blessings ;-)