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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One World One Heart 2011 Gift Exchange Gale Cards

Gale sent me the most fabulous greeting cards from the One World, One Heart 2011 blogging event. Her blog is Gale's Playing with Paper I had to share them with you! 

Today in our mail I had a package from you and I could not wait to get the scissors and get it opened.  You did pack it wonderfully and it arrived in wonderful condition. Just like you had hand put in my mailbox yourself. But it did come across the country and traveled very well!

Oh My Goodness!; what fabulous cards you have made for me! And even envelopes to mail them to another but I don't know if I can do that, I Am a keeper and hard to part with my lovely gifts from exchanges. But, you have given me inspiration. I need to get at my work table and start creating.

I had been working on some jewelry and not finished with it (I am waiting on a few more ideas to burst into my head for it) But, I just boxed the whole bead board with the tools and beads on it to clean off a workspace.

I have a cricut machine that I am hugely disappointed in and now I remember why I just boxed it back up after I got it a couple of years ago.

Anyway, I love your cards and you used many fabulous art pieces together to make SIX of them for me! WOW!  You really sent me a bundle and I LOVE every one!

Your layering is beautiful with flowers, laces, ribbons, signs, glitter, stamps, and embellishments! I wonder if you colored all the cards, it sure looks like you did! Maybe they are those copic markers I hear about?  I adore the raised dots! You are truly a professional in your art making! 

I just got an idea. Yu know how I love to reuse something I have found for something else. Well, again at the thrift store which I am trying to stay away from because I have found so many objects there and I am overflowing with their things! Anyway, I found a box of professionally embossed with three initials cards and envelopes in wonderful new condition. Maybe they were made for someone and the initial design was wrong so they had to be remade and these tossed out. Well, at least not in the dumpster but to be recycled. Ok, now I know what to do with them. Re-make the front designs! Yes! You are a genius helping me think to do that!

Here are the cards you sent me to be so inspired!  Many THANKS!

Smiles, Cyndi



Gale Varland said...

Thanks for the wonderful remarks both here and on my blog. I am so pleased that you like the cards but, there were supposed to be 6. I am sorry I must have missed the last one. I have dropped it in the mail, should be there in a couple of days.
Thanks again.


Wanda said...

Aren't those just darling! I know you enjoyed opening the package and looking through them.

Wanda @ Just Vintage