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Monday, February 21, 2011

Could this be a Marie Antoinette wire dress form?


I listed this on Etsy this morning as I have been working with one to make a vintage like dress from another era. I am not a seamstress so I am just playing with it now, but I am inspired by an exchange I was in several years ago. I got the most beautiful dress in my exchange from Gina Smith with our Fairy Zine 2008  exchange with Lisa Kettle.  Gina made my dress mostley of silk flowers, lace, dyed pom poms, pearls and feathers,but the form she purchased had to be expensive I believe.

Anyway when I saw this wire form with a wood bead for a head, I thought MARIE ANTIONETTE dress form! Ding, Ding, in my head! Fabulous find! I love to find objects and use them for another purpose although I have no idea what this is other than a head scratcher my husband thinks.

Can you see what I see?

Here is a real photo of a dress from Marie's collection.
Wouldn't it be fun to try to make a similiar dress?  Do you collect material odds and ends? Craft Projects?

Here is the Etsy listing information in ByLightOfMoon shop:

Supplies listing for Marie Antoinette Like Dress Wire Form

I saw this and immediately thought of the dress forms I have seen on-line.

I am not sure what this is but it works for me.

Maybe it can work for you.

Measurements are:

Length ~ 10 inches

Width ~ 5 inches

Head wood bead ~ 1 inch

The prongs vary in length, the short is 5 1/4 and the long making the base of the form is 6 1/2 inches

The middle piece from the head to the skirt is 2 inches and varies in color, but it is just a base for your dress form and would all be covered in the fabrics of your choice

I AM using my imagination to call this a dress form


Now, here is the dress exchange I got from Gina in 2008  and it is beautiful.

Oh, I have to go amke it bigger for you to see: Just a second;

This is a little better, I just made it larger in Picasa, the tools I can use easily.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun idea, I have had fun repeating in my head to you.

Smiles, Cyndi


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Anonymous said...

hello lovely one!

i just returned from a quick jaunt to the store and found a large package on my porch. hmmm, i thought.... i didn't order anything recently. and then i saw it was from YOU. thank you so very much, you sweet thing! such magnificent goodies and ephemera and those bugs! omg, i love them!! and the wooden box! you are the sweetest in the whole wide world, lady!

i have a pattern for a life-sized marie antionette dress. and under garments too! i'm totally insane. i bought it when i thought i could just whip one up. yeah right -- i can't even sew a pillow case straight. hahaha. i should put it up for sale on my etsy shop.

that would make a fantastic marie dress form indeed!

hugs and love, sweets!! xxo

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glirr said...

It's a head massager.