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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Ebay and Etsy Listings

I have gone through a few of my collected items and listing them on ebay this week.

I have had the Harriett Tubman prints for awhile along with the other slave lithograph prints for some time. I think they are just glorious reminders of what happened years ago. As I researched Harriett Tubman, I learned so much of what these slaves had to go through and just find it fascinating how she was the woman behind the Underground Railroad, the paths many slaves took to get from the Southern to the Northern United States. She is very much deserving for all she did!

Oh, and you know how I love and adore dragonflies! My son -in-law found these at an auction and got them for me. Oh, How love them! In fact I also have some made from the same company, Season of Cannon Falls that are the same glass just with a wind chime added. I might try to do that if these don't sell as my husband got some glass cutting tools last week. I had been wanting to try the hole in wine bottle for incense but this looks awesome also. The wings overlap the outside of the glass and they twirl in the wind outside or I have also hung some inside that do the same thing when the furnace is on. He got two boxes full of three each set and I love them.

The Coke magnets and memorabilia were in my Tiny 1963 Shasta Teardrop Trailer " Daisy" when she came to me. I had them in a box and forgot about them but there are many collector's of Coca Cola items who I am sure would love them.

The quilts I have had from estate and thrift store buys and I love them both. The Retro Fabric one I named is really fantastic and I had it on a table and over a chair for awhile. It is time to really use the quilt my "Grandmother" made instead . I might as well look and enjoy it too instead of just over the quilt rack in the hallway.

The other one I knew was a cutter quilt and intended to use it for primitive crafting and I have more than I can use. The fabrics on it are also vintage but more subdued. I really love the girl rolling hula hoops on the first one. It is a repetitive pattern and I realized hard to see in the photos.

I am still and you have heard this for over a year working on clearing our my craft rooms so I started with some of the bigger items. The quilts were in the garage off and on just in storage and I have more china teapots, and dishes. I just love teapots. Ebay has quite a few Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall so it will go in my Vintage Etsy shop instead. Same thing with the Vogue Vintage books on Sewing and Etiquette but my husband is helping me list and it got away from me, so where ever it sells is fine. Or, a cutter book for crafting! The spine is damaged but still very readable for learning sewing terms and ways with many diagrams that never go out of style. The Vogue Etiquette book is just full of fun and correct styles to live properly.

It is supposed to get to the 60's and maybe 70's today so it will be a good day to be in the garage and backyard working. I need to check my bird houses. We have had so many at the feeders while it has been cold. I love watching them when I can sit still long enough.
Speaking of my "Daisy" trailer also, I have got several notices from our home owners association to move her from street view and I cannot get her through the backyard fence without taking it down, so I have no idea what to do about her storage. I know she is an eyesore to some in my driveway but I can barely afford our monthly bills now with my husband retired and to put her back in storage is a costly fee each month. Oh, what to do, I wish I had  lots of property and no covenants like we have. They are over the top in many cases, but I understand this one. She is red and white and very noticeable even though many Alabama fans think she is that color for that reason. I think it was partly from the previous owner along with the Coke colors both. So, she is VisAble!
I can't wait to get back in her and travel to the coast or to the river. Now, that we have three cats, it is harder to just up and with the dogs go on the road. My daughter will come take care of them, but Lily is still so young and into everything, I just  hate to leave them for long. I know the dogs play with her when we are just away from home, but not sure about several days.  I will figure it out.
Happy Weekend!
Smiles, Cyndi


Laume said...

Would it be acceptable to your HOA if you simple covered her with a trailer cover?

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for the idea, they want her out of sight from the street. I suppose I could try that, the worst that could happen is it would not make them happy!
Thanks for the idea, I WILL get a cover!
Smiles, Cyndi