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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Mixed Media Etsy Team Holiday Coupon Sale


I have been thinking of all my blog buddies through -out this Holiday Weekend. I hope everyone has had a fabulous time with their families and friends. And, have you been shopping?  I have not, repeat NOT gone for any shopping since last Wednesday. No, I can't get all caught up in the lines I hear are all over town and the folks on facebook talking about how long they have waited in lines for that  FaBuLoUs wanted  for someone special gift.

Not, that I don't have some fabulous people, just none that are two years old and can't understand why I waited till Santa was out of a particuliar gift before it was too late.  I have a Grand-Dog and he will be very happy with a new bone to chew on or a Squeaky Toy. He has been rather ill though as he has a tumor on his head and I pray he is not in any pain. My daughter has been to the vet several times the last week with him for diaganosis and treatment to drain this pus filled thing growing on his head.

He seems much happier that his migraine pain has been lifted by his vet. That is about what she said it probably felt like to him.  It has been drained several times in the last few months and is know leaking from where it was drained so thankfully he is better. We know he will not heal but no pain is what we strive for.  He is almost twelve and has lived longer than his Mom and Dad so we do Thank the Lord for that!

  He is " Barkley" and I have spoke of him many times if you follow me and my critters in my blog.  Our kitten that our golden retrievers found is doing well also. She is just a treat to have around and was cuddled next to me in bed last night under the covers keeping warm when I woke this AM for a bathroom break in my dreams. When I got back in bed she even had got up and back in with me but she missed the covers and got between them instead of under them. She crawled around till I opened the cover for her to come out and then find her way back inside again. She hurries down the hall faster that I can walk when I am up at night and eats some cat grass I grow for her in the bathtub so I always have company. She is funny!

We went to Costco this afternoon for a prescription to be filled, actually transfered from WalMart that they could not price match anymore. I am thankful to find out about Costco  RX department if you have no insurance as they offer cheaper prices. And, you do not even have to be a club member  either. That may not last long as we thought. I am finding Sams's club does not offer some things we wish to get and we either can settle for a similar item or not get it at all at Club Discount stores.  It is $50.00 year to join Costco and we get the discount card with my daughter's business at Sam's now. We did see some wonderful smelling evergreen garlands at Costco and got a table decoration with lots of evergreen at Sam's today having no Costco card to buy other than RX.

But when we got home, I had an email from our Etsy Mixed Media Art Team Captain and Etsy now offers coupons for discounts. As the Mixed Media Art Team on Etsy, together  we are going to offer 20% discount with the coupon Code " MMA20" at checkout in our individual stores.
My Handmade and Supplies store is ByLightOfMoon on Etsy and the group has some awesome stores.

I am still getting to know my team mates there but will post their store links and they get their mail and get their stores set and many are out of town this week-end I am sure.

Kerin Gale is our team leader and her Etsy Store is " Remnants of Olde" and she will be the publisher of a book to be released on Amazon  December 16th, 2010 so a couple of weeks away if you want to pre-order and check it out the link is below. It is Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams with a beautiful Art cover.

Also in our group is ArtSnark's Artifacts on Etsy and I will add more as they become available.

Smiles, Cyndi



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