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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My new fun gifts from Holly

I received a surprise in the mail today! My gifts for just commenting on Holly's blog, 
Banner Haus News  a Great looking Halloween book on Fun Food, Fun, and Crafts along with Halloween Greeting cards I can send my family this year and a fun Pumpkin I will add magnet too and call her Holli the Pumpkin. She will probably wish she had never drawn my name, LOL!  I love reading her blog and she offers free images for the taking, the fairy above is one I snagged and I love seeing her every time I log into this blog.

Here is another image I snagged from her, I love Purple and it is lovely! She is funny and shares her work so freely, she also makes fabulous ear-bobs! I got a pair I adore in her Penniwigs Etsy shop along time ago and she even sent gifts then too.  She is an amazing Gal in Texas.

I wish you a fabulous Wednesday!
Smiles, Cyndi


Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Thank'ee Cyndi!!! I was so happy you won!

nancy huggins said...

It is fun to get goodies in the mail isn't it. I don't care what it is I always love it. Having the moving sale this week end and next week end and hoping to get rid of a lot more and put some extra cash in the fanny pack towards moving. I am going to miss my computer when it is down for about a week. I already closed my selling much work to go through boxes (even though I have them marked) and then packing them to ship and driving to the P O. To busy right now.
Catch ya later :)