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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A day in the life

The perfect Junk Gypsy Prom Dress
I just added " GardenAntiqs Blog" to my sidebar. She also covers the Texas Roundtop, Texas Antique Event very nicely on her blogshop.  I so wish we were there again. My first trip was so wonderful. I just wandered around and saw SO MUCH eye candy I was just in heaven. I met the Junk Gypsies and Magnolia Pearl and I may have even met Theresa, I believe I ask her about the moss I saw everywhere and she informed me if grow in the trees and then I looked and saw it everywhere. I even brought a bunch of it home as I collect all things nature!
The view from our campsite! Not bad! (grins! :-) )
The glass furnace and shop at Stone Mountain Village
What we saw when we opened Daisy's door to come outside! 
It was a very rocky sandy site! 
Emma always wants in the picture! 
Emma is on top of the picnic table showing off 
He is sitting on a thick cushion, I guess I should explain! The tent is the campers next to us.
This was also our first trip out with our 1963 Shasta Teardrop trailer. "Daisy". She was so much fun to be in and so comfortable. Of course we just had Emma then and we just returned from our third road trip with her and Bailey also went along.  We had to find a keeper for the cats and especially the new kitten so our daughter stepped in and helped us out. We appreciate her help so much!
We went to Stone Mountain Georgia to the "Yellow Daisy Festival". It was a lot of fun also with the arts and crafts event. I wandered again all over and saw so many fun things.  We camped at the campgrounds and Bob and dogs stayed at the site most of the time while I wandered as they did in Texas.
We both did go to see the 4D Movie Theatre and WOW, what an experience!  I had no idea what to expect, it was fabulous and thrilling as the movie was "The Journey to the Center of the Earth" and it was vivid!  
We never went back to see the light show on the Mountain because it rained Saturday night, the only night it was shown. Many of the event was closed, I was disappointed to not see the glass blowers at work. Their workshop and furnace were awesome, just not in action.
Bob in his 4D glasses
When we returned and my husband had his court date for his work injury that has completely changed our lives, he saw the lawyer for the other side was actually using " MY Photo's of my husband to use against him that were on this blog!  Wow, what an eye opener how folks can try and twist things.  I had no idea someone could take my photos and say made up ideas of what the photo says.
When I showed us stuck on the mountain gravel road we got on my mistake, we should have turned around when it started but when it got steeper our SUV would not pull the truck and we had to call a wreaker to get us over the mountain top or hill top maybe I should say. Well, it looked like a mountain when you can't climb it!  Anyway, my husband was looking at our tire thread and how the gravel had worn down the tire tread and the lawyer tried to say, "He was changing the tire! NOT!  No way would we try to jack the car up on that hill and also he is not capable of changing a tire. He can't even lift a tire. Let alone!  Of course, I know they want to not pay us anything for his injury; they also tried to say he made the whole thing up! Wow, this just blew me away!
All the pain and suffering we have encountered from this injury has completely changed our lives. He had to retire early because of the workplace he spent his time in. It was a dangerous place to work. They did not keep the lights on when the weekend shift worked because the rest of the building was off and the dispatchers were just to use flashlights to get around when they could leave their desk as no break time or lunch time was ever allowed and bathroom time was go as fast as you can, the phones might ring!
He worked though so much pain and suffering before he even decided to have the surgery which never fused correctly! He was really hoping and praying this surgery would heal his back and get him back to normal having no idea it was going to be a trip to never come back to normal.  I have taken on so many more duties around the house that I had never done before and I also am disabled with a spinal stimulator after trying for years to live though my own pain.  I have neuropathy and it is chronic pain that no one can imagine that does not live with it.  But, we have to continue on even when we think we can do no more and not another step.
I say to folks to do what you can and want when you can after living through my experience. Do not wait to retire to do the things you want as I never took into account I might not have my health or money to even think of what I had dreamed.  Because of his early retirement for the first time in our lives, I am without health insurance. I cannot imagine this path in my life. I never imagined I would be one of these people! I have no idea what to do with the medicines I need and the Doctors I see.  It is not fair. Now I know nothing is fair. Life can be taken from my guts and I can cry all day. What more can happen?
Because I raised my daughter and took her to and from school, I was there for the school volunteers and while my husband traveled early in his career, I did not pay Social Security as timely as needed. I went for a 10 year work period not working for money to pay in with. They say the world needs volunteers but to the government I am a non- person because of it.  I don't even exist to them until I am 62 and Medicare till 65. I just turned 60 in August and wow, what a surprise to the new decade n my life.
Things can happen out of my control and my husband's also. People can lie and say things we have no control over that are more than I even in my imagination I could not dream up. I guess the Lord will provide, I got my weekend by the river and a shade tree in Georgia last weekend. That is all I ever wanted!
Anyway now, I am going to armchair travel to the Texas Event through the photos and blog that are posted to this fabulous event!  I wish I could be there, but it is OK. There are many things much more important like keeping my grand dogs again! In fact they are coming next week. I am looking forward to seeing them again.  Abby and Maggie are a delight in our lives and we love to have them with us.
As I sit here, little kitten Lily is playing with a piece of dog food and is all over the kitchen floor chasing it around. She is so funny, she hunches that little back and has such long legs, and she is fast! She hops all over and runs like lightning!  We got a dozen tacos last week at Taco Bell and the box they were in is her new toy box to play in.  She wants so little but she does want to be on the kitchen cabinet top like Bleu and Blak, the cats she is learning from. She has mastered the bathroom cabinet top and paws in the sink like Bleu does. She hasn't mastered learning to drink the tap water like he loves to do. The water stream is still a little scary for her but he loves to drink from the faucet.
We are keeping on with day to day; I have been busy re-organizing my little consignment space and hoping to get another site soon for changing more merchandise out. If doesn't sell, I will go ahead and box it up for auction. I have to move it out to get my home space back.
Oh My, I have written a book again.  Sorry for the long post, have a fabulous weekend!
Smiles, Cyndi
Bob looking at the tire with  Policeman walking up to see also. 
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Cinderella Moments said...

That trailer is soo cute! Have fun with your grandogs and enjoy your little Lily! Love the new blog look!!