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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mary Janes Farmgirl, Shery Jespersen - High Plains Prose

I have to share this fabulous blog from Mary Jane's Farmgirls, "Shery Jespersen" is the most awesome writer and I was in anticipation of the next word as I read her blog about " Flower Fairies"! She writes in High Plains Prose and I cannot wait until her next post.

I do think I even need to return and read it slowley again! And the images and photos are just enchanting!

Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

nancy huggins said...

Is that the magazine "MaryJanes Garden or something like that..I love that magazine. Doing O K on the sandbagging for the move..I think I will make it now that Billy has come to see the light too. We had a change of plans though..not going to Central IL ...we are going back to Northern IL by friends and family and Billy is pretty sure he can go back to museum part time
Yippee. I will be posting a new post some time this week end so be sure and check it out when you have time :)