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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lily, Look what Emma Found!

Emma came to the back door yesterday morning with Barkley after they had been outside for their morning business just like normal.  After they both were inside I saw this little tiny rat-looked wet thing ,Oh no! It is a baby kitten! It is just wet where Emma carried her to the back door and left her for me to find. She does have a good Mama instinct even those she was fixed before we rescued her at 4 months old.

When I got the kitten inside I cleaned her up and her fluff began to appear. She is a tiger brown and grey/black stripe look and weighs only 10 oz, Yes 10 OZ. She is very small! She has the blue eyes babies  are born with. Our other two rescue cats , Blak and Bleu are very curious. Blak hissed and swung so I have to be very careful, Blu just gets nose to nose as he does with me to smell her I suppose.

I got on google to see what to do with a 10oz. kitten and  found she is probably 3-4 weeks old, still unsteady on her feet but getting better today as I am trying to hold her in my lap.She is purring on my shoulder, (grins).

I went to PetSmart and got some formula and baby bottles, it took a bit to get the bottle openings right with a hot needle but she finally got it right and so did we. You can't get it to big or she could drown in her formula.

Emma is really a hero as it got over 100 degrees here yesterday and we have a heat  alert out for the whole weekend and the city is opening auditoriums for cooling stations.  I went looking to see if a feral cat had kittens and found nothing. we do have a wood  fenced in backyard so where did she come from? My neighbor has two cats so I left a note on their front door as he sleeps during the day.

Well, we wonder and hope we find her mother and brothers and sisters but I have to admit she is a cutie. No, I can't think that! Her little tiny meow is hardly heard so if others in the backyard I am not sure I could hear them but Emma and Bailey would find them for sure I do believe.

Emma even cleans her after we feed her and licks her bottom glands, YUK, but I just don't like her to lick me after that! So, I tell her, NO, that is far enough! (grins)

We got out the cat cages last night as Blu promptly got inside the first one I brought in so I also got the second one we had when we adopted Blak and Blu last spring. Blu seemed to tiny compared to Blak and I have called him " Little Boy Blu on occasion, but he is a giant compared to kitten.

We put kitten in its cage last night when my husband went to bed and Blu went and opened the cage door with his paw which frightened me, ( he got the water bottle squirt) which he hates but he did run!  Anyway, I was afraid he would do it again during the night, so I got my new book to read "Practical Magic" and read on the sofa where I woke up this morning.  When I woke up. Blu was just looking inside the cage and nose to nose to little one kitty.  Emma also slept on the sofa ( she hates it when I don't go to bed.  I didn't mean to sleep all night there, but I did not get far in my book. I stayed laying there till Emma got up and wanted to go outside, Bailey also gets up then when the back door opens to go outside and then the day begins again.

I fed little kitty one ounce again, that is all she wants to eat and then she got cleaned by Emma and I finally put her back in cage so I could finish this blog message to you. She has not complained at all but just sits there looking around. Not quite a nap time again yet.

We took a few photos yesterday to share, enjoy them and watch for progress reports.

Smiles, Cyndi


Nita Jo said...

I'm glad she was found so she didn't have to be out in those high temperatures! She's so tiny, and very cute!

homespun1 said... truly sweet....

Cinderella Moments said...

You have nice dogs! I found a kitten in the tree in the back of the house in March. She wasn't so young. About 3 mos. She was meow in the tree so loudly that at first I thought she was laying half dead on the road! But no. She came down the tree and I fed her and took her to the vet. We had a new puppy and I didn't want her to get sick. The kitten was in perfect health. So I let her in the house and she acted like she had always lived here! Named her Bunny. Funny thing is that she turned our 13 yr. old grumpy cat into a happy, social, playful one! Miracle!! Keep us posted!


琳楊楊義 said...


Teri said...

Good for Emma! We are always being adopted by strays. Our most recent stray? A rooster. Seriously. Good luck with the little one.