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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am a Junk Gypsy, true at heart!

I was outside a couple of weeks ago before our weather took a turn for the winter chills and was cleaning our backyard when I all of a sudden decided to get the springs off an old Rusty Crusty Bed springs I had against a wall. I wanted to make the walk way wider for my wagon to pull through with my other backyard treasures.

I was fooling around with a metal piece I had earlier found in an old abandoned barn, I was looking at it and this is what I saw, of course it is a crown. But, who knows what was was originally? I also have another bottom piece like a planter that had rusted apart. Perfect for me! It just had my name on it waiting for me to claim it. I also found an old wasp nest, Yikes, I hit the jackpot! See, I originally just stopped to look for the north side moss for my terrariums.

After I began and I was fooling around I realized I has just had acrylic nails put on as my nails were so broken and stubby. Yikes, what a project to start after I spent that bundle of money. Well, I wore gloves and just had to be careful.
I sell these Old Rusty Crusty Bed springs in my "ByLightOfMoon" Etsy shop with supplies.

I also added a photo in the series of our deck gazebo with the blue icyicle lights, lighthouse in multi-color lights and chandalier in white lights. It is a bad picture but just to show you.

Oh, I also just noticed the Brass Bed on the other wall in my Rosemary, I recovered it from a neighbor who was trashing it along with two sofa tables her children had been using for bed tables. I'll just take anything!

I really DO need a BARN!

Smiles, Cyndi


Julia said...

Oh I know about collecting stuff that you want to use later... AND not having anywhere to store it! I'm off to see you store now. :)

Thanks for visiting at my bloggy!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Love the crown, yer Majesty! Now, I'm thinking you are more a Junk Queen than a Junk Gypsy...

homespun1 said...

I think you look adorable and seem to be having a blast. I love the posted pics of you getting into mischeif!! wonderful!

Willow said...

Hi Cyndi,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have to laught about your junk collecting. This afternoon, one of my students read his essay about his hobby: junk collecting!

I'll have to backtrack to find out what flickr photo you followed to my blog.