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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Stockings

I wanted to share a few of our Christmas Decorations; especially the Christmas stocking we have. My husbands' Mother hand-knit them for my husband and his brother when they were small and then made me one when we married, another one for our daughter when she was born, and as we had our Golden Retrievers, Dylan, Megan and Jordan, she also made them stockings also. She made one extra and that is the one in the middle of Bob and Me(Cyndi), the one with no name. Of Course that is now Emmas'. Also over the years she made them larger by using larger yarn and made them for church bazaars also. She sold many of them over the years as she loved to make them.

I also this year started my stocking clothesline but as you can see, I also have ice skates, Christmas Tags, Dani of Eagle's Wings made, and an assortment of silverware holders also made my stocking line. I will add mittens and more over tme as this had been in my head for awhile.

Also you can see the the cats had fun with their Christmas Collars and Emma had Two collars, Her Jingle Bells and her Red and Green Christmas collar. She has been chewing bones she got for Christmas all week. I have to be careful with the cats around plastic bags, they are so curious.

We just had a small kitchen window tree up this year, it was all I could do. I intended to get the bigger tree up but just ran out of time. Well, it is time totake them all down and I did get the tree and most Christmas put away yesterday and today. I kind of like the Gazebo lights outside so may try to keep them up awhile. They are blue icicle lights and the lighthouse is multi-color with the chandalier is white.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Just the kind of place to share the true meaning of Christmas!
Happy New Year
from Thistle Cove Farm

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What pretty decorations you had up!

I myself like a small tree now...didn't put up the big one...the little ones turned out to be cozy lookin' and they sure are easy to put away, I just unplug and stuff in a I'm bad...

Those stockings are really something!!!

Cinderella Moments said...

Love the ornaments on a string! Beautiful stockings!