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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Update on rescue kitty, Little Boy Blu

A update on Little Boy Blu!

Poor Little Boy Blue just keeps having more problems with his ugly cat bite abscess. We took him to the vet Sunday night a week ago, they lance and drained it and said it would look bad with a huge scab and when the scab came off we should see healthy pink tissue. Well, that happened but it seemed, we were seeing a lot more that we should be, his muscle was showing along with his bone showing scarcely covered by tissue.

IT started last night when I heard someone throwing up and I saw Blak upchucking and it continued for about 6-8 times all over the room. I was following him as as fast as I could with paper towels and trying to get it away from Blu and Emma wanting to look or eat it. YUK!

As it cleaned it up I thought I saw something really gross and yes I did. IT wasn't much throw up, I was mainly yellow bile, but it had a l-o-n-g- worm in it that almost looked like spaghetti. Well, I decided to save the paper towels in a zip lock bag and it was around 7PM. The vets were closed, well, except for our good vet across town. So, we got both cats in crates and Emma and trucked off to the Vet in a terrible rainstorm. we got over four inches of rain form Tropical Storm Ida that came ashore near Pensacola Beach, yesterday morning. It had rained all day long and just continued all day.

Well, we got there about 45 minutes later and we were about the only one's there. We got right in and they looked at Blak and took him off to weigh him, 12 lbs and do some labs. Meanwhile they returned to look at Blu and his leg just opened everyone's eyes that this would was was worse than was imagined at first when it was so big and black from the dead skin 9 days ago..
The Doctor took him back for sutures and had to put him to sleep. He was such a good boy and he had been the first time in also. But, what was it weird is when they get our chart, the doctors and the staff (and there is large staff) always remember Emma. Our Emma! She does get attention everywhere she goes. She was there when she was spayed and just for routine shots. and they remember her from all the animals they see.

Well, Back to Little Boy Blu, he has a transparent collar he HAS to wear for 10 days at least or until the stitch can come out in 10-15 days depending how they look. She said she does not like to stitch an abscess, but in this case it had to be done. He was so groggy when he came back to us and he tried to get the thing off his head as expected. So I left him in his crate all night long so he would not hurt himself.
He is now laying under my feet like normal and I am just thankful to have him home and healing. Black was also sent back home with some medicine for the next few days for the worm. It has kind of disappeared in the paper towel when I tried to show them and I also had a stool sample with me so I came equipped. Blu also got some medicine for the worm and she said Emma would be covered because she gets Sentinel every month for her heartworm RX and it is good for worms also or at least this kind. They believe it to be a round worm.
So, we have another pharmacy set up at home just like when Bob was getting his IV. I will have to get a basket to put in it to keep it all together so we can keep the schedule as required. Some RX AM and PM and some three days apart. A lot to remember!
I am just thankful for my animals and I do believe taking Luke back was the proper thing and he is not on their adoptable list so maybe he did find a wonderful home last while on his good behavior I hope at Pet Smart. I don't think keeping him away from Blu would be an easy thing to do now and Blu definitely does not need that trauma.

1 comment:

Blagica said...

Hello, is this kitty saved from monsters in china...?
I pray baby go well and everything will be fine, much Blessings for u baby kitty and all cats in world

Love B