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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thankful Blessings

I am very thankful to God for keeping my husband with me Wednesday night , for allowing my dear husband of 43years to continue his time on this sweet earth to be with me. He was admitted to a step down unit of UAB hospital and I now think he should have been admitted to the Main hospital due to the severity of his blood pressure drop of 71/50 when. He was Admitted Wednesday AM.

we have had slot of trouble with communication
with his primary Doctor. I would like her replaced with the head of the practice , but DH says to leave it alone for now. It is the weekend now and many gold here work weekdays only as they are hodpitalists anyway. The others Doctors valled in as a team have come in and kept up with his status . I very thankful to have them taking care of him now.

I am learning to use his I Phone to type on, please know I hope for no typos!

This new technology baffles my mind.

I am sorry for not following my best friends blogs and etc . As this is tiny little finger typing and is takings forever to write this .Please know I am thinking of all of you every day.

Blessings this Sunday AM,


Dani said...

hang in there, doesn't get easier, does it? God is with you both...He will make a way...I am praying

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Cyndi, so sorry to hear of this scary situation and I am hoping that they will quickly correct whatever is causing that severe drop in BP, we had a similar situation with a young female doctor who dismissed my father's severe drop, and was really quite hateful and arrogant, and discharged him and it was not a happy outcome, I hope that the better doctors will be on your husband's case now. You poor thing.

By the way you did great on the iPhone, those keypads are so tiny and always having to push the Alt key is a pain.